CBI March 2023

Exclusive previews of highly anticipated panels and events, plus IHRSA welcomes Boutique Fitness Solutions for the first-ever BFS @ IHRSA.

“We have a real opportunity to work together, speak up a bit louder, and support governments and local communities to help everyone to be active.”

Fiona Bull, Ph.D., Head of Unit, Physical Activity

Department of Health Promotion, World Health Organization


  • Make IHRSA 2023 YOUR Show: In San Diego, you can play an active role in IHRSA's mission. Workshops and sessions for Team 435, media relations, state alliances, and other themes devoted to promoting fitness businesses are on the agenda.


  • CEO's Column: Take it from me, the staff here at IHRSA have created an exciting schedule of events. Let's enjoy ourselves in San Diego and prepare for the work ahead.
  • Moving the World: Fiona Bull, Ph.D., head of unit, physical activity, department of health promotion, World Health Organization (WHO), is one of the world's foremost authorities on the benefits of regular physical activity. A driving force behind the WHO's efforts at increasing exercise around the world, Dr. Bull explains in this exclusive interview how the fitness industry can help the WHO in its mission to improve global health.
  • The Hottest Fitness Trends of 2023: A roundup of predictions by industry experts.
  • What's New at IHRSA 2023: Introducing BFS @ IHRSA and other new concepts to the annual show.
  • Making Sense of the Financial Landscape: A preview of the 26th Annual Financial Panel planned for IHRSA 2023.
  • How Women Are Changing the Industry: A look at the impact that women professionals are having in fitness and wellness.

News & Know How

  • News: IHRSA forms a Strategic Advisory Council with top executives from prominent health and fitness companies to help develop direction for the future; the IHRSA Passport Program is revitalized; an interview with Life Time General Counsel Erik Lindseth; Self Esteem Brands taps into the power of personalization; and much more.
  • Influencer: Sean Turner, CEO, Les Mills U.S., explains why strength training is gaining newfound popularity.
  • Research Roundup: Fitness Industry Council of Canada releases a major report with evidence that physical activity provides significant health and financial benefits to Canadians.


IHRSA Report

  • Leadership: IHRSA Board Chair Chris Craytor on why IHRSA's growing pains are signs of progress.
  • Best Practices: Setting dues in a volatile economy.
  • Advocacy: IHRSA's strategy for the new Congress.
  • Member Profile: Industry veteran Tom Deimler, president & general manager of Corpus Christi Athletic Club, tells us how IHRSA has been important to his career.