About This Policy

This policy relates to the use of personal information by the Health & Fitness Association (HFA).

This policy is effective as of: May 25, 2018

About HFA

The Health & Fitness Association is a not-for-profit trade association with headquarters based in Boston, MA, USA.

The HFA's mission is to grow, protect, and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with the benefits that will help them be more successful. HFA and its members (health clubs and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs, and industry suppliers) are dedicated to making the world healthier through regular exercise.

The Types of Personal Information We Collect

HFA does not collect personal information other than contact details for individuals associated with our members, prospective members, and other individuals who engage with HFA. The information we collect is limited to what is necessary to provide you with your member benefits. This information may include but is not limited to:

  • Name,
  • Title,
  • Employer,
  • Business e-Mail Address,
  • Business Phone Number,
  • Business mailing address,
  • IP Address (when visiting our website)
  • Content viewed on our website
  • IHRSA shows attended
  • IHRSA products purchased

When Do We Collect Personal Information

HFA collects your personal information when:

  • You, your manager or another employee enter it while registering for membership
  • Your employer gives it to us while setting up member benefits for your club
  • You, your manager or another employee enter it when registering for an event
  • You purchase a product from us
  • You view content on our website
  • You give us your business card
  • You request information from us
  • You provide it directly when you contact us?
  • You provide it when filling out a form on our website

How We Use Personal Information

HFA uses personal information primarily to deliver the services included with your membership and to advise you of new trends and opportunities emerging in our industry.

HFA will sometimes use your information to understand the demand for certain topics and how well we are satisfying our members.

How We May Share Personal Information

HFA shares some personal information with contracted suppliers to support the delivery of member benefits including the planning and execution of our shows.

HFA shares member and trade show registration information with event sponsors and exhibitors. You are able to control if you are included on this list through your profile settings.

Where Do We Process Data

HFA primarily stores and processes personal information in the United States. Some processing is done regionally by contracted partners who conduct HFA operations in Asia, Australia, South America and Europe. The data processed in these regions is specific to the members who reside in these areas.

Some information related to member clubs and related contacts may be sent to associate members and sponsors in countries outside of the United States and the European Union. You can choose to have your contact details included in these lists through your profile settings.

The Legal Basis for Using Personal Information

HFA has a contracted obligation to provide you with member benefits through your club’s membership agreement. We store and process your information so we can fulfill this agreement.

HFA will obtain your consent to process your information in a way that is not directly related to the delivery of the member benefits. Where we are processing your information based on consent you can remove that consent any time through your profile.

HFA may on occasion process your information to support a legitimate interest, as defined by current data protection regulations, that does not pose any threat to your privacy. An example of this could be analyzing content consumption from our websites based on your business address information in order to identify demand for certain topics in specific regions in preparation for an upcoming trade show.

Security, Storage and Retention of Personal Information

HFA is committed to ensuring your privacy and has taken appropriate organizational and technical steps to protect your information.

HFA will retain your information as long as it is required to support your member benefits or we are required to by law. Information that is not required will be deleted from our systems.

Your Rights and Choices

As a Data Subject (a person on whom we process data) we want reassure you that you are in control of how we use your data regardless of where you live.

  1. We respect your right to access your information and to review how we are processing it.
  2. We respect your right to object to any processing that is not directly related to the delivery of our services
  3. We respect your right have your information removed from our systems if you believe there is no legitimate reason for us to hold that information.

Our Use of Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

HFA collects information about you when you come to our website using cookies. You have the option to object to the use of cookies through a banner that appears when cookies are going to be used. Click for more information on cookies.

How to Contact Us

For more information on your rights as a data subject or on how we are processing your information you can contact us through the follow channels.

By e-mail YourData@healthandfitness.org

By phone 617-951-0055 or 1-800-228-4472

By mail 70 Fargo Street, Boston, MA, USA 02210

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

We will notify you of any significant changes to our privacy policy