2021 IHRSA Media Report

This report has the data you need when speaking to members of the media about the fitness industry’s future—covering everything from COVID-19’s impact to the where and why Americans are working out.

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Whether you’re reaching out to your local news outlets or a reporter has contacted you for an interview, you’ll want to make sure you have the best data for the coverage. We combed through the latest IHRSA research and industry reports to create the 2021 IHRSA Media Report to help.

Getting asked how badly COVID-19 has impacted your health club? We include information on what we know so far about COVID’s impact on the fitness industry.

For example, estimates point to a 58% decline in revenue for the year as of December 31, 2020, but at the same time, 94% of people say they plan to return to their gym in some capacity.

Additionally, the 2021 IHRSA Media Report includes:

  • The Fitness Industry’s Response to COVID-19
  • 10 Key Findings, 10 Years of Fitness Consumer Trends
  • U.S. Fitness Industry by the Numbers
  • Where Americans Choose to Workout
  • Price American’s Pay for Fitness
  • Who Is Going to Health Clubs
  • The New Normal: Gym Member Outlook Post COVID
  • Biggest Issues Facing the Fitness Industry
  • Why Americans Exercise at Health Clubs/Gyms

We invite you to download this report and share it with local news outlets to help share accurate, compelling information regarding fitness clubs, their members, and the countless benefits clubs provide to their communities.

“This data shows how health clubs and studios are adapting to the new normal to meet the needs and demands of today's fitness consumer and provides a snapshot of membership growth and trends. While the future presents many challenges, the industry is prepared to continue helping their customers and communities to lead healthy and active lives.”

Liz Clark, Chief Executive Officer & President