4 Phase Lobbying Strategy to Plan Your Alliance’s Activities

A robust lobbying strategy is the main priority for any group or alliance. This playbook divides the year into four phases, each highlighting the activities to focus on to maximize lobbying efforts.

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Lobbying is no easy feat—it takes time to make connections, get your voice heard, and issues resolved. If you don’t have direct contact or a link to government officials, it can be challenging to get lawmakers’ attention. This playbook offers much-needed guidance, strategies, and resources for your alliance or group to utilize throughout the year to lobby for your health club—or even the universal fitness industry.

If you aren’t already lobbying lawmakers in one way or another, now is absolutely the time to get involved! Following the pandemic’s chaotic events, new legislation could come into effect that may have a direct impact on your business and operations. When it comes to new bills and legislative changes, it’s vital to be ahead of the game.

Each state is different, so it’s critical to understand how politics work specifically in your region, but this playbook covers the general legislative year. In this playbook, you’ll find:

  • How and when to influence policies that involve your business,
  • Effective relationship building tactics,
  • How to structure your alliance’s advocacy efforts,
  • A checklist to aid in sorting and defining your legislative priorities,
  • IHRSA resources to support your alliance’s actions, and more.

We understand you may have questions or need assistance when it comes to lobbying. IHRSA is always available to lend a helping hand in your advocacy endeavors. Contact IHRSA’s Government Relations team at gr@ihrsa.org.

“The pandemic has highlighted the enormous effect elected officials can have on your business. Now more than ever, it is important to be politically active and engaged, to build strong relationships with your elected officials, and educate them on your business. That is the essence of what lobbying is.”

Jeff Perkins, Assistant Vice President of Government Relations