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Turn Your Health Club Into a Smart Gym

It is no longer enough to solely be a brick-and-mortar business. Learn how connected equipment, virtual fitness, and artificial intelligence could transform your gym.

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As every health club owner knows, the digital revolution has transformed health and fitness. Smart equipment, biometrics, virtual workouts, apps, cloud-connected group training, wearables, augmented reality, chatbots—it’s all been absorbed by the industry.

Today, every health club is a smart club in some way. Like every other business, clubs operate in the cloud, well beyond its physical walls. The question is, how far do you take it?

Whether or not your club is heavily invested in digital-based services, you know there’s no going back. To fail to keep up with technology is to put your business at risk against competitors who do. Having a smart club is, well, smart.

In this e-book, we’ll discuss what it means to have a smart club that works for your goals. Chapters include:

  • Introduction: Your Health Club Has No Walls
  • Part 1: Your Club Can Talk: Smart Equipment Is Getting Smarter
  • Part 2: Plug In, Work Out: Virtual Fitness & Connected Exercise
  • Part 3: The App Advantage: Exertainment & Member Services
  • Conclusion: It’s Still a People Business

“Having real-time data on equipment life cycles makes ongoing planning much easier and, more importantly, helps us to make much better informed decisions with respect to spending.”

Mike Feeney, Executive Vice President

New Evolution Ventures - Lafayette, CA