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The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report: Spending, Utilization & Programming Trends

This report provides in-depth analysis and insights on health club equipment practices. This product is a PDF download. (Sponsored by Precor)

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This report, which is sponsored by Precor, provides insights on health club equipment practices, including space allocation, spending trends, and utilization in training programs. Based on data gathered from more than 400 health and fitness facilities, the publication contains the most recent and complete equipment data in the club industry.

The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report provides club owners with vital information needed in order to understand health club equipment practices. The technological innovation and quality of health club equipment plays a significant role in attracting and retaining members and helping them achieve their fitness goals. This one-of a-kind report is a valuable reference for club operators to compare their spending practices, purchasing considerations, and programming trends against their peers.

Overall, responding clubs reported spending an average of $84,000 in fitness equipment in 2015. As the report shows, equipment spending varies across clubs. Top performing clubs spent an average of $90,000 in fitness equipment and achieved an annual revenue growth of 10.2%, in comparison with 3.8% for the overall sample.

“Among responding clubs, cardio claims the most space at 20.1%, followed by traditional strength at 15.7%. Group exercise and functional training area take up 12.1% and 8.2% of club space, respectively.”

The publication is organized into four sections:

  • Executive Summary: a comprehensive overview of space and spending allocation, purchasing objectives, cardio & strength units in operation, training programs & health club equipment, and functional training accessories;
  • Dashboards: an analysis of performance indicators and equipment practices by club type, size, and profitability;
  • Infographic Insights: infographics with popular equipment trends, including member utilization levels;
  • Detailed Results: nearly 100 pages worth of results with in-depth breakouts for cardio, strength, and functional training facilities & equipment as well as personal & small group training programs & health club equipment.

“The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report is designed to help familiarize club managers with major transformational trends and includes insights from real-world club owners,” says Rob Barker, Precor’s CEO/president. “The club industry is constantly shifting as facility operators aim to attract new members, retain current members, and build business. In light of the changing fitness industry, it is important for operators to stay informed on the latest trends.”