The COVID Era Fitness Consumer: Part 2

“The COVID Era Fitness Consumer: Returning to Health Clubs Gives Members & Clubs a Boost” is the second installment in The Covid Era Fitness Consumer series. The series is based on a survey of American health club members, which was conducted by Kelton Global.

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The COVID Era Fitness Consumer: Returning to Health Clubs Gives Members & Clubs a Boost provides insights on member sentiment as they returned to health clubs following pandemic-related closures. Member perceptions regarding club safety, attitudes towards returning to clubs, and the benefits members associate with club usage are also discussed. A printable one-page infographic serves as a handout club operators can provide to members and prospects.

Some of the key findings in the report include:

  • 94% of members prior to shutdowns intend to return to their health clubs in some capacity,
  • 69% of members are confident in the protocols their fitness centers have in place,
  • More people are confident in their health club’s protocols than those who feel the same about other businesses,
  • Mental wellness and stress relief benefits rank high as reasons for members returning to their clubs, and
  • Even those who have not yet returned look forward to the physical and mental health benefits of using their fitness centers again.

The COVID Era Fitness Consumer is based on a survey of 1,171 people aged 18+ in the United States who currently have a gym membership, or recently canceled their gym membership due to COVID-19. The survey was conducted online during the period of August 24-28, 2020, and has a margin of error of +/- 2.9%.

“The COVID Era Fitness Consumer shows that members trust their health clubs and look forward to working out at their clubs again as they reopen. Members feel informed and confident in the safety measures clubs are taking. They are also aware of the benefits of exercising at their fitness centers as an overwhelming majority associate improved physical health and mental wellness with health club usage.”

Kristen Walsh, Associate Publisher