The COVID Era Fitness Consumer

The COVID Era Fitness Consumer is a report based on a study of American health club members commissioned by IHRSA and conducted by Kelton. The report discusses health club user sentiment and behavior prior to, during, and after facility closures.

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The COVID Era Fitness Consumer discusses U.S. health club member sentiment and behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conducted in collaboration with Kelton, the report examines the following:

  • Perspectives of members returning to their health and fitness facilities;
  • The fitness and wellness benefits experienced by members who have returned;
  • Changes in physical activity during club and gym closures, including at-home workouts;
  • Personal goals of health club members; and
  • Consumer confidence in club and gym safety protocols.

The COVID Era Fitness Consumer is based on a survey of 1,171 people aged 18+ in the United States who currently have a gym membership, or recently canceled their gym membership due to COVID-19. The survey was conducted online during the period of August 24-28, 2020, and has a margin of error of +/- 2.9%.

Contact Melissa Rodriguez, IHRSA's senior research manager, with questions at or +1 617-951-0055 x194.

“The data confirms the essential role health clubs play in promoting and maintaining the well-being of consumers. Seventy percent of members rely on their health clubs to maintain overall health, while 30% use their health and fitness centers to help build their immune system. More than one-third miss the community aspect of belonging to a health club. Clearly, there’s no replacement for health clubs or gyms.”

Jay Ablondi, Executive Vice President for Global Products