Practical Applications of AI in the Fitness Industry

AI is a hot topic in the fitness industry. Join us with EGYM on May 25 at noon EDT to learn about AI and its impact on the customer experience.

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Milkie Dana

Dana Milkie

General Manager - North America


Johnston Tom

Tom Johnston

Chief Talent Optimizer

Talent Optimizer Group

Stipher Peter

Pete Stipher

Executive Vice President of Business Operations

VI Labs

The world of AI and its impact on the fitness industry is evolving every day! Don’t let AI overwhelm you as a business owner/operator. Learn about the practical uses of available AI and how operators can use it to improve their business. Dive into ways you can create better connections with prospects and deliver a more personalized member experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the behavior of prospects to help drive more targeted traffic

  • Unpack membership data to drive a better member experience

  • Leverage existing fitness technology with built-in AI

  • Learn how operators uses AI in their health and fitness club

“As with most buzzwords, the term 'AI' is creating curiosity, confusion, and a little bit of fear. Our intention with this session is to help operators understand how it can be used to drive real improvements in their business today.”

Dana Milkie, EGYM General Manager, North America

Boulder, CO

Presenter Profiles:

Tom Johnston:

Tom is an executive and corporate consultant who specializes in delivering high-impact experiential keynotes, leadership, and organizational training. He has 20+ years in global corporations as an operations executive and extensive change management experience.

Prior to founding Talent Optimizer Group, Tom served as Vice President of North America Distributor & Global Vertical Sales for Core Health and Fitness, Chief Operating Officer of American Leisure/LIVunLtd, and Vice President of Operations for Saw Mill Sports Management.

Tom holds a BS in Business Administration and is a Predictive Index (PI) Certified Partner, Certified XCHANGE Guide, Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and Positive Psychology Practitioner. He’s a dad, lives in Denver, an avid cyclist, enjoys skiing, backpacking, and practicing yoga.

Dana Milkie:

With an extensive track record in operations, sales, marketing, and technology development, Dana has helped organizations excel in the health and fitness industry for nearly two decades. His background includes a variety of successful leadership roles and demonstrated expertise.

In his current role, Dana serves as the General Manager of EGYM North America. Additional roles in the fitness industry include Board Member of the Y of Metro Denver, CEO at InTouch Technology, where he currently serves as Acting Chairman, Senior Vice President at ABC Fitness Services, and Senior Vice President of Gold’s Gym Northwest (GGNW).

Pete Stipher:

Pete is an accomplished business leader, with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is an expert in developing and implementing effective business strategies, managing complex projects, and building high-performance teams. Currently, Pete holds the position of Executive Vice President of Business Operations for Vi Labs, an AI company focused in the wellness and healthcare industries.