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IHRSA 2019 Profiles of Success

The 2019 IHRSA Profiles of Success analyzes annual performance of leading health and fitness clubs, including key performance indicators, profit center analysis, and financial statement data. This product is a PDF download.

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Based on data gathered in the annual Industry Data Survey (IDS), the 2019 IHRSA Profiles of Success provides benchmarks and other operational and financial data for select leading clubs. Included are key metrics such as revenue, membership growth and retention, traffic, payroll, non-dues revenue, and EBITDA. Club reinvestment and profit center analysis as well as income statement and balance sheet data are also provided.

A total of 98 firms, representing 10,859 clubs, participated in the IDS. As this report will show, club performance results varied by segment. Clubs part of a chain reported greater revenue growth (+7.1%) than independent clubs (+3%). On the other hand, independent facilities posted a retention rate of 73.2%, while clubs part of a chain indicated a retention rate of 62.3%. Fitness-only clubs generated significantly less revenue per individual member ($582 in comparison with larger clubs at $842.40).

“Over the past 37 years, the health club industry has proved to be a dynamic one. After withstanding a global economic downturn, leading club operators have continued to post improvements in performance indicators, while serving the health and activity needs of consumers.”

Jay Ablondi, Executive Vice President of Global Products

IHRSA - Boston

Profiles of Success discusses the following club consumer, operational, and financial topics:

  • Club Member Demographics & Participation
  • Club Growth by Region
  • Club Operating Benchmarks
  • Club Membership Growth & Traffic
  • Club Prices
  • Club Membership Agreements
  • Club Facilities
  • Club Payroll & Staffing
  • Profit Center Analysis
  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Infographic Insights