Choosing a Selectorized Strength Line for Your Fitness Facility

Navigate choosing the best selectorized strength machines to meet your members’ needs. Presented by TRUE Fitness.

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Speaker Randy Leopando

Randy Leopando

Training Education Manager

TRUE Fitness

Presented by Randy Leopando, Training Education Manager, TRUE Fitness

As a gym owner or operator, one of the best things you can do is inform and educate yourself on the best equipment for your facility and members. This webinar will help you navigate the needs of your facility and your members and learn benefits of selectorized strength machines.

With a number of high quality selectorized strength brands available in the market, shopping for your facility can get overwhelming. Learn how to choose specifically for your facility by becoming more knowledgeable about selectorized strength equipment and developing a checklist to help you compare different brands.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the history and design concept of selectorized strength machines
  • Review the benefits of having selectorized strength machines in a club
  • Understand the different categories of selectorized strength equipment
  • Learn how to become an informed shopper of selectorized strength equipment

“For members who are new to exercise or with specific muscular development goals, selectorized machines can become an important tool for their exercise programs. Because they are relatively safe and easy to use, machines can help clients become stronger while establishing the healthy behaviors necessary to make strength training a consistent part of their weekly routine.”

Randy Leopando, Training Education Manager

TRUE Fitness - O'Fallon, MO

Presenter Profile:

A fitness industry veteran of 22 years, Randy Leopando is the training and education manager at TRUE Fitness. He spent much of his career as a fitness director and operations management for a privately owned fitness facility that offered general memberships, personal training, group fitness, small group training, Pilates, nutrition counseling, and sports performance training. Randy has been a consultant for ACE and a regional committee member for NSCA. He currently provides education on TRUE cardio and strength products to club owners and staff.