CBI October 2020

For Cher Harris, the general manager and attentive "hostess" of The Houstonian Club, Hurricane Harvey, COVID-19, and a $22 million renovation are just part of the job.

“Our industry, which traditionally has been male-dominated, has roles for us as assistant GMs, GMs, and CEOs. ... There are clearly paths to success for women at The Houstonian.”

Cher Harris, General Manager

The Houstonian - Houston, Texas


  • Passionate About Service: In the three years since she’s been the general manager and on-duty “hostess” of The Houstonian Club, Cher Harris has had to deal with Hurricane Harvey and the coronavirus pandemic, while looking after the needs and prestige of one of America’s most upscale clubs. Its members attest that, though crises come and go, Harris never misses a beat.
  • “Here We Go!” Carrie Kepple and Amy Styles have done the nearly impossible: successfully launching a new club in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Online Club Memberships? With the tech and assistance of these IHRSA member suppliers, clubs are crafting bridges between their on- and off-site offerings.
  • Back-to-Basics Sports: COVID-19 may have called a time-out on training, but, today, with the help of clubs, athletes are preparing to resume playing.

News & Know How

  • News: IHRSA “resets” for revival; best industry news; New York standoff ends; the Alaska Club nears normalcy; Cedardale reopens again; “No Recorded Transmissions”; industry events “adapt” to the pandemic; and “CBI’s Question of the Month”.
  • European News: Clubs reopen, resume operating in France; the state of the global fitness industry by IHRSA's Kilian Fisher; and World Class Romania's "tough and lonely" task.
  • Member News: What's up at Styku, Les Mills, TRUE Fitness, Reflexion, YBell Fitness, Technogym, Two-Brain Business, Virtual Health Partners, and more.

IHRSA Report

  • Even Better Than Medicine: Exercise is medicine, and, oh, so much more, points out Amy Bantham, DrPH, in this month's First Set.
  • Best Practices: Outsourcing can solve clubs’ short-staffing problems, counsels Trek CCM CEO Cameron Marcum.
  • Why Legislators Matter: Seven industry professionals endorse cultivating relationships with lawmakers in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: KORR: CardioCoach provides clubs with a competitive edge and a new revenue stream to offset COVID-19 impacts.
  • Win Them Back: Winning back the COVID-era consumer is critical, says Jay Ablondi, IHRSA executive vice president of global products and CBI publisher, in this month's Last Rep.