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Building a Strong Group Fitness Department for Health Clubs

With a strong leader and a cohesive tribe, your group fitness department can rise to any challenge. Sponsored by Club Automation + CSI Spectrum.

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Dori Nugent

Dori Nugent

Membership Director

Club La Maison

Presented by Dori Nugent, Membership Director, Club La Maison

Scheduling, keeping programming fresh, and meeting client demands are major challenges for everyone in the group fitness department. But with a strong leader and a cohesive tribe, your department can rise to all challenges that come their way.

This webinar will open the doors of the group fitness department and give health club operators a better understanding of all of its moving parts. Club La Maison Membership Director Dori Nugent will share what she has learned in nearly 15 years of experience as a director.

She will discuss the trickiness of scheduling and the tools for success, as well as how to implement new or updated programming. Nugent will focus on the importance of the club’s group fitness instructors—the front line of your fitness classes. Attendees will learn how to keep instructors challenged, but happy!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the secret to keeping your group fitness instructors engaged and motivated
  • Learn how to create a culture within your group fitness staff with Nugent’s unique “winners vs warriors” approach
  • Find out how to foster a cohesive group fitness team within your club
  • Learn how to deliver an awesome group fitness schedule that keeps clients coming back for more

“Group fitness is a key asset to any club's retention. Make your department the envy of the management team!”

Dori Nugent, Membership Director

Club La Maison - Wayne, PA

Presenter Profile:

With nearly 15 years of experience as a group fitness director, Dori Nugent has become an expert in the industry known for outstanding team building qualities. Nugent manages 75 staff and 120 weekly classes, and is known for improving programs that are failing and turning them into profit centers for the club.