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Assessment for Direct and Indirect Impact of Health and Fitness Clubs to MENA Economy - Outlook to 2025

IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Alliance, and Ken Research collaborated to present the health and fitness industry’s value to the MENA region. Request to access the reports from the GHFA.

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*The GHFA offers a substantially reduced price per report. When purchasing directly from the GHFA, for non-members, each country report is $2,000 and the full report is $5,000. All IHRSA members receive 50% off.

IHRSA and the GHFA collaborated with Ken Research to produce the Assessment for Direct and Indirect Impact of Health and Fitness Clubs to MENA Economy - Outlook to 2025 report. The full report analyzes information from nine countries in the MENA region. Individual country reports are available to purchase separately and cover fitness industry data in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, and Qatar.

The information included in the reports highlight timely current data and statistics on the state of the MENA health and fitness industry. The reports also provide crucial future market projections through 2025. Based on the data, growth and expansion are expected in the near future.

The reports cover a comprehensive analysis of the MENA health and fitness industry insights and outlook through 2025, including:

  • customer insights for fitness services,

  • direct and indirect economic impact,

  • market revenue and size,

  • overview and market potential of commercial gyms and facilities in hotels, resorts, schools, universities, and residential townships,

  • socioeconomic implications,

  • potential health implications and reducing healthcare costs,

  • COVID’s impact on the industry,

  • technological disruptions,

  • future outlook, projections, and trends,

  • snapshot of digital fitness applications, and more.

Fitness industry professionals and stakeholders are encouraged to use the reports when making the case that health and fitness clubs are a critical piece of the healthcare continuum and a significant contributor to the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity.

“The importance of this report is second to none for the health and fitness industry, governments, and workplaces in the MENA region, as it clearly shows the economic impact of inactivity through evidential data. This is a milestone for the industry as we can now put an economic value to inactivity, and equate this to the positive impact health and fitness facilities have on reducing the healthcare costs for governments and companies.”

Andrea Bell

Chair of the GHFA Advisory Council and Co-founder, Director, and Chief People Officer of Inspire Brands Asia