The Ever-evolving Treadmill: New Features & Training Options

Treadmills from TRUE, Technogym, and Life Fitness show off dynamic new features and innovative training options that enhance the user experience.

Treadmills have come a long way—they’re now much more than simply a vehicle for walking or running.

“We’ve seen a transition from equipment that’s something you use, to something that provides an experience,” says Jim Williams, a product marketing manager at TRUE Fitness.

Indeed, with new technology, entertainment, and workout options, treadmills offer more features than ever before.

A TRUE Evolution and More

TRUE introduced its new Envision Premium console at IHRSA 2018 in March. This contemporary, intuitive unit optimizes engagement and personal entertainment choices, and provides real-time data and analytics for trainers and clubs to evaluate treadmill usage.

Also, Technogym’s new SKILLRUN treadmill combines cardio and power training for everyone from beginners to elite runners and athletes who enjoy its patent-pending MultiDrive Technology. Users can access top speeds of 18.6 mph, up to a 25% incline, a 3% decline, a sled-push simulation, and parachute sprint training.

“People find that the SKILLRUN offers a reprieve from tedious training sessions with its unique range of resistance and cardio workouts that take performance to the next level,” says Marco Zambianchi, president of Technogym North America.

For even more variety, Technogym offers its EXCITE RUN 1000 and RUN 600 models which enable exercisers to create their own running programs in iconic locations like Yosemite National Park, or do long-distance training with virtual marathon settings.

Improvements to Experience

Other new offerings include Life Fitness’ Cybex R Series treadmills, which feature a redesigned running surface for better running performance, and an Interval Training Zone that allows quick speed changes during high-intensity workouts.

Equipment True C900 Treadmill Column

The TRUE C900 treadmill.

The company also is now piloting a group running experience on treadmills equipped with its Discover SE3 HD consoles via Studio, an audio group platform with coaching from elite instructors, and high-energy music playlist. A leaderboard lets users compete in distance and biometric data with anyone who’s taken the class before.

“Exercisers are looking to get more out of their treadmill experience to transform their workouts,” says a Life Fitness spokesperson.

In that vein, Life Fitness’ new Halo Fitness Cloud enables them to create workouts, track their goals, schedule fitness classes, and communicate with their trainers—while clubs can monitor treadmill usage and anticipate maintenance.

And now, Matrix has added Instagram and the Amazon Kindle reader to its consoles. “There’s a constant stream of new ideas for treadmills that will continue to enhance the exercise experience,” says Andrew Kolman, the firm’s senior director of technology.

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