The ‘Do-everything’ Digital Platform Is Here to Stay

To succeed in today’s environment, you need to deliver the ultimate member experience. This is the technology you need to make it happen.

Paradigm shifts are rarely as sudden and jolting as recent ones. The growth of technology and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis are evidence of that. What’s become clear as the industry moves forward is just how essential digital platforms and tools are to not just success but survival.

Today’s health club apps and digital platforms need to perform on the member experience level, of course, but the upgraded versions are more robust. They serve business-to-business functions, helping to make your employees more efficient. These next-level digital tools deliver analytics, tracking targeted revenue goals and KPIs that help you make decisions on the fly.

At the same time, consumers are demanding more from their health club apps. Today’s fitness facilities have to be accessible anywhere, anytime, with on-demand premium content and personalized member services. And, as more equipment become smart and wearables become more diverse and data-rich, apps will have to be able to communicate with multiple platforms in one secure, omnichannel network.

Digital platforms and services are nothing less than “the fourth industrial revolution,” say experts, and if your technology is not up to snuff, you’ll go the way of the steam locomotive. After the experiences of the last few months, many club operators realize the stakes are higher than ever.

As laid out in the recent IHRSA’s 230 Million by 2030 Report, the future is almost exclusively mobile. “According to a report by CNBC, projections from the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) estimate that ‘72.6 percent of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.’”

“According to a report by CNBC, projections from the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) estimate that ‘72.6 percent of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.’”

230 Million by 2030 Report


Current events have accelerated the trend. As McKinsey states in a recent report on digital services, “Now is the time for bold learning at scale.”

The consulting company says that we have entered a new reality: “A world in which digital channels become the primary (and, in some cases, sole) customer-engagement model, and automated processes become a primary driver of productivity—and the basis of flexible, transparent, and stable supply chains. A world in which agile ways of working are a prerequisite to meeting seemingly daily changes to customer behavior.”

Increasing Touchpoints, Decreasing Friction Points

Serving today’s health club member is a lot more involved than in previous years. You need to deliver an experience that’s personalized, on-demand, and full-service. That means delivering mobile digital engagement that provides:

  • Full body assessments;
  • Easy class scheduling and other member services;
  • Personal communication with trainers/coaches;
  • Live streaming, on-demand classes, and virtual classes.
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Imagine the touchpoints that a “do-everything” mobile platform allows. With communication that’s personalized and direct, your instructors, trainers, and coaches are always connected. This keeps your brand front and center in the minds of your customers. They know that you’re doing everything you can to serve their needs.

From these digital capabilities, you can build new revenue streams and sales opportunities. Operators can extend their member reach across new geographical regions and target new user groups through virtual classes directly on the mobile app through a single or subscription model.

Ease of use is also crucial for a successful digital platform. The experience needs to be seamless and glitch-free. Friction points need to be eliminated. And not just for the member. Trainers and coaches need to be able to access their clients’ data and organize their classes and schedules. Dashboards need to be intuitive and updated in real time.

So what does the “do-everything” digital platform look like? One company has created it and just in time for today’s embattled club operators.

The App that Delivers the Ultimate Member Experience

Those familiar with Technogym’s Mywellness app are well aware of its sophisticated architecture and expansive menu of services and content. Now, the company has launched Mywellness app 5.0, to revolutionize the member experience and transform how you interact and engage with your customers. Mywellness app 5.0 includes a range of mobile functionality and contents that provide unparalleled experiences through an intuitive technology. It begins by creating a personalized account for each member, access to assessments and settinggoals with a professional, as well as other activity data that is stored and tracked by the app. Then members can book and access indoor and outdoor classes that are either in facility, or streamed Live and On-Demand content can be curated by you. Your contents, your methods, your instructors, enabling you to connect with new and existing communities. You can also leverage the extensive On-Demand library of high quality Technogym classes, to give variety and choice to your members, if this wasn’t enough you can also sell the experiences that can be enjoyed at your facility and on the go.The app also can guide members through their workouts safely and effectively.

This app technology is intuitive from both the end user and club side. It removes friction points and bridges the gap between the physical space and your member’s home. It’s like having a trainer 24/7 for all situations. It’s just what your members need during times they’re stuck at home or forced to train outside of the physical club. This helps insulate your business from the disruptions beyond your control, as we’ve experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic. It turns your brand into a trusted partner instead of merely a destination.

For club employees and trainers, Technogym offers Mywellness for Professionals as part of the MyWellness 5.0 upgrade,the new suite of professional touchpoints of Mywellness, helping perfectly fit your working day. With the powerful data dashboards and built-in algorithms, Mywellness for Professionals helps you and your staff understand member behavior and can identify risks that warn of possible drop-outs or cancellations. This is connectivity at its most productive.

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With this menu of options, you can increase lead generation while building a community that extends beyond your most committed members. And you can control the programming you’re delivering to members while increasing their options. The app allows you to create your own content or offer Technogym’s carefully curated library of workouts and classes.

The clubs that are going to be successful are the ones who obsess over the customer journey and deliver a blend of offline and online experiences. Mywellness gives you and your members all the tools you need to make that a reality.

To learn more about Mywellness 5.0, Mywellness for Professionals, and other Technogym services and products, visit their website and select your region.

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