Fitness Industry Roundup: New Ways to Increase Activity Levels

As IHRSA continues to push for PHIT, some health and fitness industry veterans are incorporating new strategies to increase physical activity and overall wellness.

Almost one in two Americans struggle with obesity. The health and fitness industry is in a solid position to assist in reversing negative outcomes and alter the way the population views physical activity. We’re about to witness the industry’s first weight loss injection program, while another industry pioneer blends interactive gaming with physical activity in the hopes of boosting exercise levels.

In addition, youth enrichment programs are experiencing a significant increase in demand, and a major media outlet is expanding its coverage of wellness. These facts are promising to help the next generation navigate health and wellness.

First things first, read up on IHRSA’s second Capitol Hill Fly-In this year, held in conjunction with The Fitness Technology Summit.

IHRSA Pushes for PHIT Act at Second Fly-In This Year

Seventy health and fitness industry leaders traveled to Washington, D.C., last week for the second IHRSA Fly-In this year. The event was held in partnership with The Fitness Technology Summit. Attendees participated in 60 meetings with legislators who have yet to support the PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act. “We rarely hear people who disagree with the fact that physical activity should be accessible by all, and allowing Americans to use their hard-earned dollars towards preventative health measures through physical activity is something that continues to get support,” IHRSA Vice President of Government Affairs Mike Goscinski told Athletech News. “It’s just a matter of finding the right way to get it across the finish line.”

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More than 70 health and fitness industry veterans traveled to Capitol Hill to participate in IHRSA's Fly-In and push for the PHIT Act.

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Life Time Pilots Weight Loss Injection Program to Battle Obesity

The prescription weight loss market is rapidly expanding as close to 50% of Americans struggle with obesity, and many are interested in trying GLP-1 medications, such as Ozempic, according to recent survey results. In an interesting twist, IHRSA member Life Time announced it will bring medical professionals in-house to prescribe and deliver obesity drugs to members at its facilities as part of a pilot program, reports Fitt Insider. Although prescription side effects are apparent and more research will need to be done related to safety, tapping into this market may prove beneficial all around as health clubs, gyms, and studios can improve overall health and well-being while increasing physical activity levels, membership rates, and revenue.

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Xponential Fitness Launches Daily Games With Impressive Prizes

Walk to Win Daily Games is a new Xponential Fitness feature blending physical activity with interactive gaming. Participation requires XPASS users to complete 5,000 steps per day or attend any of Xponential’s studio classes on XPASS, Xponential’s subscription class booking program. Each week, participants have the chance to win $1,000. For those who stay consistent through the New Year, prizes include a one-of-a-kind-all-electric Porsche Taycan, exclusive vacations, and custom merchandise from Xponential’s partners, according to Club Industry. "This isn't your typical workout routine—it's a revolution in how we approach staying active, blending technology and entertainment in a way that's both engaging and effective," said Danyal Ali, chief marketing technology officer at Xponential.

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Youth Enrichment Franchise Boasts Significant Achievements

The demand for children’s services and family entertainment is growing. According to an Unleashed Brands press release, the youth enrichment franchise platform company achieved more than a 17% jump in systemwide revenue in the past year. Notably, one of its brands, The Little Gym, reported a financial achievement with a 15% year-over-year average gym revenue increase. The brand also maintained a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80.86. Michael O. Browning, founder and CEO of Unleashed Brands, anticipates a strong finish to 2023 and notes the company is “committed to our mission of helping kids learn, play, and grow, positively impacting families nationwide."

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The New York Times Expands Wellness Section

The curiosity and eagerness to improve overall health and wellness are booming in populations worldwide. Promoting the health and fitness industry starts with us and is catapulted by media influence and coverage. News of The New York Times expanding its Well team and broadening coverage topics is a big plus for our industry. “Health is a subject area that matters to everyone. Accuracy and integrity are crucial, and yet wellness reporting is often rife with misinformation, hype, influencers, and sponsored posts,” noted the Well desk team. “Well, in contrast, brings trust, clarity, context, and independence to an uneven landscape.”

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