Fitness Industry Roundup: Mental Health Movements

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, we’ve gathered news revolving around how the health and fitness industry is encouraging consumers to check in on their overall wellness.

Improving overall health and wellness is why the health and fitness industry exists. Consumers are dialing in on improving all facets of health, and mental well-being is becoming a top priority. Here’s how the industry is supplying consumers with resources and programs to boost their overall well-being.

First Annual California Moves for Physical & Mental Fitness Month

In an inaugural event, the California health and fitness industry joined forces with chronic disease organizations, mental health advocates, policymakers, and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom to kick off California Moves for Physical and Mental Fitness Month. Hosted on May 1, Club Industry notes that the health and fitness fair featured educational and interactive activities that improve physical and mental health and highlighted legislation that would cover the cost of health club memberships. “By helping Californians of all ages establish sustainable, healthy habits such as daily movement and mindfulness practices, we can reduce chronic disease and improve their overall quality of life,” said Newsom.

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Teens Exercise Physical & Mental Health for Free at Planet Fitness

From May 15 - August 31, teens from age 14-19 are invited to join IHRSA member Planet Fitness’s free High School Summer Pass program—eligible at every location in the U.S. and Canada. According to a Planet Fitness study, 91% of teens aim to improve their mental health and 93% appreciate how fitness can positively impact their lives. “Having joined the gym for the first time when I was 16, I know firsthand the benefits exercise has had on my life, so we look forward to helping teens create lifelong habits in the Judgement Free Zone this summer,” Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau said in a press release. All participants are encouraged to enter the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass Contest, which awards teens and schools with scholarships.

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Ireland Hosts Inaugural Children’s Mental Health Summit

On May 20, Junior Genius Global and Global Wellness for Children Initiative hosted Ireland’s first children’s mental health and wellness summit. The summit brought together renowned experts—early childhood educators, curriculum development teams, clinical nutritionists, child psychologists, movement specialists, and parents—sharing best practices to support the mental and physical health of young children. This first-of-its-kind event is vital to raise mentally healthy children to reach developmental and emotional milestones, learn healthy social skills, and grasp how to cope when there are problems.

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InsideTracker Equips & Empowers Women to Improve Health

According to McKinsey, data disparities are significant and expansive for women’s health. Through a simple blood test, InsideTracker, a biotech company founded by scientists in the fields of aging, genetics, and biology, provides women with nuanced health guidance unique to their biology. Athletech News reports that InsideTracker’s Ultimate Plan provides female users with analysis and optimization guidance for three new biomarkers—estradiol, progesterone and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)—critical to extending a women’s healthspan and easing the transition through menopause.

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Harvard Reveals New Mindfulness Center

An anonymous $25 million donation led to the creation of the Thich Nhat Hanh Center for Mindfulness in Public Health, part of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. According to FitTech, the Center’s mission is to:

  • empower people everywhere to live with purpose, equanimity, and joy through the practice of mindfulness,

  • pursue evidence-based approaches to improve health and well-being through mindfulness, and

  • educate and train the public in mindfulness.

Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition and the Center’s director, said, “We’re looking forward to establishing the center as a hub of rigorous inquiry and to collaborating with colleagues around the world to advance the science of mindfulness.”

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