Fitness Industry Roundup: Health & Wellness Takes Precedence

Fitness professionals show that they’re in this industry to improve the health and wellness of their community, clients, and members.

In this week’s roundup, we share not one, but two separate stories about fitness facilities opening their doors for the first time during the height of the pandemic. Their reasoning, you ask? To support the health and wellness of their local communities and provide safe and effective spaces for them to exercise.

We’ll also dive into altruistic acts across the fitness industry that positively impact those living with severe medical conditions and disabilities.

Washington Trainer Opens Wellness Studio to Better the Community

Thurston Talk reported that Brian Evans, a physical trainer, opened the Evolution and Creation Wellness Studio in Olympia, WA, in October 2020. Evans said, “Opening the fitness studio during a pandemic may seem like a risky decision. But we saw it as an opportunity to do something unique in a space we love. Sometimes adverse situations are an opportunity to pursue another path.” As a 15-year fitness veteran, Evans opened the private, appointment-only studio to help clients with their exercise regimens, food choices, lifestyle changes, and ways to improve day-to-day living.

Find out more about the Evolution and Creation Wellness Studio.

Fourth Annual Fit Love Movement Raises Most Money in the Event’s History

Kristen Pappalardo, owner of Fitness Elite in Hillsborough, NJ, was thrilled to surpass the Fit Love Movement’s fundraising goal this year. “Fitness serves a larger purpose than just working out your muscles,” Pappalardo told Hillsborough Beacon. “[The Fit Love Movement is] something that our gym is very passionate about doing.” The month-long event consists of fitness competitions that Fitness Elite trainers participate in—anyone is able to place bets on who will win the competition or donate to the fundraiser. All proceeds raised from the Fit Love Movement challenge go to a local organization, Steps Together, which financially supports families in the Hillsborough area who are suffering from severe medical diseases.

Learn more about Fitness Elite.

Raleigh Couple Opens High-tech, Data-driven Gym

According to ABC11, those in the Raleigh, NC, area are being attracted to a new gym that is computer controlled, analyzes members' workouts, and offers effective workouts in just 20 minutes, two times per week. The Exercise Coach only has nine pieces of equipment and allows for just three people in the space at a time, but delivers coach-led, personalized experiences for every member. "[The equipment] customizes to the ability of each individual, regardless of their fitness level or their age," said Elizabeth Girouard, owner of The Exercise Coach. "We pair the high-tech strength training with very low duration but high intensity cardio as well.”

More on The Exercise Coach.

Initiative Provides Virtual Exercise Programs to Those With Physical Disabilities

In just one year since Move United, the national leader in community adaptive sports launched #AdaptAtHome, more than 2,200 virtual programs have been added to keep those living with physical disabilities active. "We know not everyone has access to an adaptive sports program in their community," Glenn Merry, Move United executive director, said to WFMZ. "By offering virtual programs, we are changing what people experience as barriers to access." #AdaptAtHome participants—adaptive athletes, disabled veterans, youth and adults with disabilities, adaptive sports coaches, program volunteers and staff, health providers, and others—come from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

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Read about Move United's #AdaptAtHome initiative.

Two-day Event Brings Vaccines to People With Disabilities

On April 10 and 11, Ability360, a nonprofit resources center serving the disability community in Phoenix, AZ, hosted a vaccination event specifically for those living with disabilities and their family and caregivers. "I think it's fantastic. The more access to the vaccine the better,” said Emily Kingston, an Ability360 member. Regarding holding a two-day vaccination event for those with disabilities, Phil Pangrazio, CEO of Ability360, told ABC15, “I wish it were done sooner. I mean, I think all of us do.” Those who received the Pfizer vaccine at the event are scheduled to acquire the second dose on May 1 and 2 at Ability360.

Learn more about Ability360’s event.

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