Fitness Industry Perseveres Through 2022 to Get Back on Top

Almost three years have passed since the pandemic broke out—and it shows. Here’s a glimpse into how far the health and fitness industry has come over the past year.

Another year has come and gone and the future of the health and fitness industry is looking bright. Although things will never be as they were before the pandemic, the world is returning to normalcy and people are dialing in on improving their overall health and wellness.

Take a look at some uplifting things that have happened in the industry this year and other newsworthy items.

Fitness Industry Growth in 2022

Although the pandemic has left its mark, McKinsey & Company notes that the health and fitness industry is bouncing back and investors aren’t turning away. This past year, Myzone received a $17.2 million investment, Therabody took in a $165 million investment, and Future raised $75 million in funding. Most fitness businesses aren’t back to pre-pandemic levels, however, several chains noticed significant upticks in revenue and experts predict the industry will grow 171.75% between now and 2028.

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Rick Stollmeyer accepts the Leader in Innovation Award at the Global Wellness Summit. (Source: Global Wellness Summit)

Other innovations from clubs throughout the year:

Fitness Industry Acts of Kindness in 2022

We’re constantly evolving as an industry and becoming more inclusive is a key goal that one Michigan facility is hitting perfectly with scholarship options for those with disabilities. Dubai opened a record-breaking 19 fitness hubs during its sixth—and largest—annual Dubai Fitness Challenge, offering hundreds of free and inclusive, family-friendly activities and workouts.

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More generous contributions and good will from fitness facilities:

Fitness Industry Reach in 2022

Overall wellness is top of mind for many—thanks to the pandemic, ironically. We’re seeing more and more research published related to how exercise benefits cancer survivors, specifically those who battled breast cancer. There’s also no denying physical activity’s impact on quality of life and mental health—so much so that UAE residents didn’t let Ramadan change their workout routines.

As more researchers state “every single minute counts,” governments are getting on board with exercise, too. After the Physical Activity Alliance and Myzone Congressional Physical Activity Challenge proved to be another success in the U.S., it caught the attention of UK politicians who participated in a similar event late last year.

In more political news, the National Health & Fitness Alliance accepted a generous $150,000 donation from The Fitness Technology Summit and DXFactor to support ongoing advocacy efforts. In the north, a successful lobbying effort led by the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) prevented sales tax on gym memberships.

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Additional ways the fitness industry was recognized:

It’s evident that the health and fitness industry has more than enough buy-in from consumers to excel past pre-pandemic levels and improve the overall health of millions. It’s also abundantly clear that the future of the industry is medical—industry veterans have already teamed up to expand wellness programs. This year, our advocacy and lobbying efforts will be key to get governments on board and pass legislation that benefits our industry’s best interests. We’re excited to see what unfolds this year for our industry.

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