How High-intensity Interval Training Can Transform Your Bottom Line

Studies have found that HIIT outperforms steady-state cardio in several areas. Here is how your club can use HIIT to help members reach their goals.

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Even loyal health club members can be distracted by the bright, shiny new fitness fad that seems to emerge every few months. Functional training, barre workouts, indoor cycling in a quasi-nightclub setting, kettlebells—it’s hard to keep up. There’s even a new workout trend where you drum your way to fitness.

Health club owners can’t respond to every new craze that catches the public’s fancy—a row of conga drums isn’t about to replace your cardio room anytime soon. And the smart money remains on the tried and true of traditional exercise options—treadmills, elipticals, free weights, adjustable weight machines—members expect these choices to be available in any gym setting.

So you have a well-stocked club. Great. But are members getting the most out of it? Because if they’re not reaching their fitness goals, then that shiny object gets a lot brighter.

HIIT Works for Any Fitness Level

When it comes to new fitness trends, there’s a big difference between a stylized rebranding of a familiar training protocol and an exercise system that’s backed by scientific research. The emergence of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an example of the latter.

Studies have found that HIIT is superior to steady-state cardio for fat loss, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health. But many people mistakenly believe that this style of training is reserved for those already at a high level of fitness. The truth is that HIIT programs can be adjusted to any fitness level, and may be the best option for those beginners struggling with weight-management problems, and even those at risk of developing adult-onset diabetes.

In one study, scientists from Scotland discovered that a HIIT protocol (where subjects performed 30-second sprints on stationary bikes at their highest possible intensity level four times daily for two days a week) led to a 23% improvement in how effectively the subjects used insulin to clear blood sugar (glucose) from their blood stream.

Other studies have backed up the ability of HIIT training to enhance insulin sensitivity. And that’s just one potential benefit. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT improves:

  • aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • blood pressure
  • cardiovascular health
  • cholesterol profiles
  • abdominal fat and body weight while maintaining muscle mass.

And while HIIT programs can be more strenuous than steady-state cardio workouts, they’re generally shorter and can be modified for any level of conditioning.

“Studies have found that HIIT is superior to steady-state cardio for fat loss, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health.”

Giving Your Members the Tools to Succeed

Even the most dedicated club member may make the mistake of doing the same workout every time they’re in the gym. Or a new member may be lost, unsure what type of training is best for them.

A club can make a big difference if they’re able to introduce members to training programs that will deliver exactly the results they’re seeking, and a HIIT workout is an option that may be what’s called for. And if you can combine that with a strength training system, then you have a program that takes training to the next level. Of course, with so many variations of HIIT programs available, there’s no real plug-and-play program, especially one that incorporates a strength training component.

That’s the idea behind Next Level Training program from True Fitness. Using True’s HIIT Series Cardio line and their Composite Strength series of machines, Next Level Training offers a unique HIIT and strength experience adaptable for virtually any member.

True’s exclusive Next Level Training programs utilize:

The HIIT Series Cardio line consisting of The Spectrum, a machine that combines the motions of a stepper, elliptical, and runner, the Alpine Runner, and the Traverse Lateral Trainer, all with unique programmable features.

The Composite Strength includes their specially configured Full Body Press, Glute Press, and Ab Crunch/Back Row machines.

The Next Level Training workouts are designed to deliver a unique small group training experience. Created by TRUE Trainers Mike Grillo, Jamie Driemeier, and Collyn Boedeker, each round of these workouts takes only about 10 minutes from start to finish, and can help members boost energy, reduce body fat, and promote lean muscle. That’s a time frame that appeals to multiple demographics, and with the proven results of HIIT protocols, you’ll have yourself many happy members.

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Jim Schmaltz is Editor-in-Chief of Club Business International.