Air Circulation and the Keys to a Healthier Club

Controlling the indoor environment in your club offers a myriad of benefits for operators and members.

Airflow is one of those unseen yet key operational aspects that makes a bigger difference than you might think. Maintaining good air circulation and ventilation helps keep members, equipment, and the facility’s environment simply healthier.

“Proper air circulation is critical in avoiding an uncomfortable, or even an unsanitary, environment,” notes Donnie Gillespie, Senior Manager-Key Accounts at Hunter Industrial. “With high levels of activity, equipment sharing, and sweat, it helps decrease the number of airborne contaminants and bacteria that may be present in a gym, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from cleaning supplies, viruses, and bacteria. These contaminants may induce headaches, respiratory issues, and allergies in gymgoers.”

“Proper air circulation is critical in avoiding an uncomfortable, or even an unsanitary, environment”

Donnie Gillespie

Senior Manager-Key Accounts at Hunter Industrial

Along with helping to alleviate the issues described above, fans can support air circulation in a number of ways. On the operational side, they can augment HVAC systems, reducing conditioning and heating costs. The breeze from high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans—large ceiling fans designed to move a massive volume of air at low rotational speed—can create the effect of any industrial and commercial space feeling nearly 10 degrees cooler.

Trainers in front of fan

The benefits don’t stop there. HVLS fans and drum fans also work in tandem to reduce humidity and moisture buildup, which in turn, helps improve the performance, reliability, and lifetime value of treadmills, bikes, rowers, and other equipment. As an athlete recovery tool, there’s no dismissing the benefits of a drum fan with its targeted airflow and brisk output.

“A floor-based drum fan gives members a place to quickly recover directly on the gym floor.”

Donnie Gillespie

Senior Manager-Key Accounts at Hunter Industrial

“A floor-based drum fan gives members a place to quickly recover directly on the gym floor,” Gillespie says. “Standing in front of the fan allows them to quickly lower their body temperature after an intense workout.”

Maximizing Fans in Your Space

So, what size fan will work best for optimal air circulation in a facility? It depends on a variety of factors, but the first consideration is the facility and the desired outcome.

“Overhead HVLS fans are mounted to the ceiling and provide constant air circulation. In fact, many of our HVLS fans are programmable to run up to 30 at a time and have the capability of sensing how much humidity is present within the environment,” he says. “Our HVLS fans range from 7-foot-diameter blades, to as large as 24-foot-diameter blades, are whisper-quiet, and designed to work in the background. Likewise, our portable drum fans are designed to generate a high volume of air and can allow air movement to be directed where it's needed most. They’re a fantastic solution for transporting to a gym competition or multiple gym locations. Working in concert with HVLS fans, the two products offer exceptional environmental climate control.”


Along with the right size, durability—and minimal maintenance—are key.

“Hunter Industrial invented the ceiling fan in 1886 and has built a solid reputation for innovation and dependability,” asserts Gillespie. “Hunter fans are built to last, and our Titan, ECO, and XP HVLS fans are backed by the industry's best limited lifetime warranty; our drum fan air circulators also come with a great warranty, so gym owners can be certain they’re investing in a product that’s just as dependable as their gym equipment.”

In addition, Hunter Industrial’s 10-day lead time means orders are filled quickly, not months after a sale. And because the company’s headquarters are based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, owners, and operators can rest assured that they’re getting U.S.-based support.

Tested in a Club Environment

For Zach Quayle, owner of CrossFit Courageous in Knoxville, Tennessee, Hunter makes a difference in his club’s environment.

“A high-intensity environment like CrossFit Courageous requires a safe, clean environment where members know their health is being supported in every facet possible,” he says. “Workouts elevate the heart rate and induce long bouts of sweating. A fan supplies constant air flow allowing body temperatures to be leveled.

“In a warehouse space like ours—with only one garage door and no other open windows or doors—there is limited airflow. Our members enjoy nothing more than laying in front of our drum fan after finishing a tough workout.”

Quayle turns the fan on to circulate air as a workout begins when it’s needed most, and the fan remains on in between class sessions to minimize the moisture that can lead to damage and rusting of equipment.

“At CrossFit Courageous, our 150 members demand quality equipment to support their workouts. Hunter is rooted in the same quality, and it looks as good as anything in our club,” he says. “In fact, Hunter is a brand that shares our own principles for toughness and strength. I can’t recommend their fans more highly.”

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