LENOX, MA—February 4, 2021—Zogics is seeking to improve the air quality in their warehouse complex in Lee, MA, which includes their distribution center and company gym, with the addition of Big Ass Fans® Clean Air System as part of an overall strategy to dramatically reduce viruses including SARS-CoV-2. Combining continued surface disinfecting with air quality products like Clean Air System will help elevate the health and safety of Zogics' employees both during the current pandemic and beyond.

Big Ass Fans use UVGI (UV-C) and Ionization disinfection technology to reduce the risk of COVID transmission dramatically. The Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System pairs scientifically proven air purifying technologies with powerful airflow solutions. This results in a system that kills 99.99% of pathogens to keep people protected and businesses operating.

As experts in facility health and safety, including surface disinfection, hand hygiene, and air quality, Zogics is selling Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System to a diverse range of settings nationwide, including manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, classrooms, gyms, restaurants, and more. After seeing the effectiveness of the Clean Air System technology firsthand, Zogics felt compelled to install air disinfecting fans in their own facilities, especially following the Center for Disease Control’s recommendation that facilities consider using UVGI air purification to help inactivate SARS-CoV-2.

“At a time when our warehouse and distribution operations are running at full steam, we want to ensure we continue to provide critical cleaning and disinfecting supplies to our customers. To me, investment in air purification like this makes sense,” says Paul LeBlanc, CEO of Zogics. LeBlanc continues, “we’re installing Big Ass Fans at Zogics company gym and distribution center to keep my staff protected and safe and keep our operations going. The return on investment is overwhelmingly positive when you look at the impact of keeping our commerce going, and our employees healthy and protected.”

As many industries continue to grapple with the pandemic's impact, taking the lead on safety from all available fronts is paramount, and will instill confidence in both your staff and clientele. An emerging and extremely important front is air quality and safety, as it's been shown that the Coronavirus is transmitted via airborne particles as well as on surfaces. As a result, several leading companies are installing Big Ass Fans Clean Air System, including Amazon, Toyota, Disney, Lululemon, Orangetheory Fitness, and Anytime Fitness, among others.

The first step in evaluating the impact of Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System is to conduct a custom 3D airflow analysis. Zogics’ team of airflow experts have the ability to show exactly how these products will transform air quality and safety. Zogics can perform this work remotely or in person. For Zogics’ warehouse complex, the focus was on providing air disinfection in entryways and the pick and pack areas where employees and visitors are frequently in close proximity.

It was determined that installing two Powerfoil D Fans with Ion technology from Big Ass Fans would provide the level of protection desired.

In the Zogics company gym, it was determined that a combination of ceiling-mounted Haiku fans with UVGI (UV-C) technology and a freestanding Air Eye Fan with Ion technology from Big Ass Fans would provide optimal protection.

An analysis of the improvement in the Zogics gym after installing the Big Ass Fans technology shows if someone with SARS-CoV-1 is in the space, another individual has a 44% chance of contracting SARS-CoV-1. With the installation of Big Ass Fans, that chance is down to 2%.

With the airflow analysis and product selection complete, Zogics will deploy one of its certified installers to install and calibrate the fans. The installation of Zogics’ air purification fans is expected to be completed within the next 30 days.

Whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or gym, or any facility, the Clean Air System can greatly reduce the risk of infection. Zogics stands ready to help other companies create safe and healthy facilities.

About Zogics

Since 2006, Zogics has established itself as one of the largest e-commerce shops for facility cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing products. Zogics serves fitness, healthcare, education, corporate facilities, hospitality, transportation industries, and more. Zogics has been named one of Financial Times Americas’ fastest-growing companies (2020) and was included in Inc.5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America (2020, 2019, and 2018) as well as Inc. Best Workplaces list (2019 and 2018). For more information, visit zogics.com.


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