New York — January 30, 2018 — Zeamo—the digital fitness platform that allows users to purchase day passes and access a broad spectrum of gyms seamlessly and without commitment—has significantly expanded its menu to include longer-term options, without sacrificing the breadth of choice or the fluid, nonbinding mode that is its trademark. Now, Zeamo also empowers consumers to purchase one-week and one-month gym passes to give users the ability to make even more discerning fitness decisions informed by a longer-term experience with the gyms they discover. Zeamo allows users to discover gyms according to their activity and amenity preferences (e.g. saunas, pools, specialized equipment, childcare and more) and creates more diverse and flexible membership options as well as the non-commitment user who wants to stay flexible in selecting their exercise options at any point of time through advanced, yet simple to use technology. It is perfect for business travelers, tourists and seasonal exercisers who are in need of short-term membership options.

Zeamo boasts the largest directory and search of its kind with over 25,000 gyms worldwide. Users have the ability to search and select facilities according to location and amenity preferences. They are then able to purchase either a day, week or month pass to Zeamo's Partner Gyms on three continents which total over 500.

Zeamo first entered the digital fitness market stage just one year ago, when it executed the coordinated worldwide launch of its first iOS and Android-based apps, alongside its innovative website. Since then, they have continued to build momentum with an expanding user base, exponential business partner growth, consistent technology refinement, and the continued solidification of its core management and executive teams.

The addition of these new products comes on the heels of an important new addition to the Zeamo management team. "Zeamo is excited to announce that our development efforts will be accelerating with the appointment of Oleg Krook to the position of CTO," said Paul O'Reilly-Hyland, CEO and founder of Zeamo. "Oleg joins Zeamo with not only his passion for the industry, but with the experience of being the Director of Engineering for ClassPass during their formative years."

Zeamo is a ground-breaking web, iOS and Android-based platform specifically targeted to address the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and travelers on the one hand, and preferred fitness facilities and providers on the other. Zeamo is for anyone looking to find a health club, or any health club operator looking to be found. It takes the often complicated, multi-step search and compare process and streamlines it into just a few easy clicks. Zeamo's proprietary directory comprises thousands of fitness providers and facilities across the country and throughout the world, and that directory is growing exponentially all the time.

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