LOS ANGELES, CA, & LAS VEGAS, NV—April 8, 2021—World Gym International, the iconic global fitness brand and Champions + Legends, a premium manufacturer of hemp-derived CBD-based sport supplements for preparation, performance and recovery, are proud to announce a new partnership for the supply, distribution and education of the Champions & Legends product line.

The partnership with Champions + Legends is one of many new initiatives World Gym International has launched to provide its franchisees and their members with the best possible fitness programming, nutritional guidance, recovery tools and supplements in the gym, at home or on the go.

Pioneers of the personal fitness revolution, World Gym has been the leader in fitness training for forty-five years. Born at the intersection of fitness and Hollywood in Muscle Beach, World Gym has over 230 facilities on 6 continents worldwide. Founded by the legendary Joe Gold in 1976, World Gym remains a powerful leader and innovator in the fitness industry.

Champions + Legends CEO, Sonny Mottahed said this Strategic Alliance is based on mutual values. “World Gym International and Champions + Legends are dedicated to providing products, programs and services that enrich people’s lives through wellness. Through this Strategic Alliance, we will be introducing the fitness and health and wellness benefits of C+L CBD sport supplements to the World Gym Community.”

“Champions + Legends create great CBD products that both elite and everyday athletes use to help smash their goals,” said Jarrod Saracco, Chief Operations Officer of World Gym International. “Our members are asking franchisees for CBD products in both their in-gym and virtual pro shops and our franchisees are happy to have such a proven and trusted partner.”

Champions + Legends is now World Gym’s preferred supplier of hemp-derived CBD supplements. The brand comes with strong product reviews from top tier athlete partners from multiple disciplines. That list boasts James Harrison, a two-time Super Bowl champion and five-time former all-pro football player, Thor “The Mountain” Björnsson, winner of multiple World’s Strongest Man competitions. CrossFit superstars Sara Sigmundsdóttir, Pat Velner and Alec Smith are only a partial list of strength and endurance athletes who are active users of C+L products and partners with the company. All of the C+L athlete partners show great strength and commitment to their craft and an undeniable level of elite athletic performance that World Gym club members can relate to and appreciate.

“Amidst the growing global demand for CBD products, Champions + Legends was created to serve as a trustworthy and reliable source of CBD sports supplements,” said Sonny Mottahed, Founder & CEO. “Our focus is on building community, empowering our clients with knowledge and creating unique formulations designed for those who seek to optimize their physical and mental wellbeing so they can continue to challenge themselves each and every day. The World Gym trainers, coaches and most importantly, their club members that come from all walks of life, are the people we built Champions + Legends to serve.”

Rooted in efficacy, consistency and quality, C+L devotes significant time, resources and technical expertise to research and development around creating ideal product formulations and formats for the varying needs of the motivated athletic consumer. Each product goes through a rigorous six-stage testing protocol to ensure consumers get the exact dosage indicated on the label with no deviation. The entire supply chain consistently employs top-rated industry standards to ensure the exact ingredients and dosage of every product.

Champions + Legends produces eleven products across three series:

  • PREPARE Series – Specifically designed to help start your day or elevate your pre-workout to achieve better results. Products in this series are a perfect complement to your morning or pre-workout routine, allowing you to purely focus on the task at hand.
  • PERFORM Series – Providing midday or mid workout benefits from a custom formulated product that provides you the extra focus needed to finish strong. Universally enjoyed by all and an athlete favorite.
  • RECOVER Series – Our award winning and most comprehensive collection of high concentration CBD products that are solely focused on giving you the tools you need to recover without losing a step. C+L athletes rely on our recovery products day in and day out. C+L RECOVER series includes our RECOVER Muscle Cream that recently awarded best overall lotion for muscle soreness by Men’s Health Magazine.

About Champions + Legends

Champions + Legends produces CBD based sports supplements for athletic preparation, performance, and recovery. Champions + Legends uses CBD as the primary active ingredient in our custom formulated products offering a wide array of benefits for users seeking an edge in dealing with the physical and mental exertion that comes from training. Quality, trust and transparency are core to our company’s ethos, and we go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. All our products are tested using a rigorous six phase testing protocol beginning at the point of harvest for our 100% certified organic hemp oil derived CBD through to final shipment. We are joined in our mission by a team of elite athletes who have achieved Champion + Legend status in their respective sports and remain warriors committed to excellence in all aspects of their lives.

About World Gym International

The iconic World Gym brand was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold during the glory days of “Muscle Beach” in Santa Monica, CA when serious fitness collided with the world of Hollywood celebrities. Since then, World Gym has evolved into an internationally recognized brand that has captured the imagination of fitness enthusiasts around the globe. World Gym is dedicated to creating a network of ultimate workout destinations everywhere. With its headquarters located in southern California, World Gym currently has over 230 locations on 6 continents. To learn more about World Gym and franchise opportunities with this storied brand, please visit WorldGymFranchising.com. To find the world Gym nearest you, visit WorldGym.com.

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