Auckland, NZ—August 31, 2018—The new LES MILLS VIRTUAL BIKE presents a unique opportunity for clubs to bring a whole new element of fun and functionality to their offering for members.

The LES MILLS VIRTUAL BIKE will feature built-in HD screens offering RPM, LES MILLS SPRINT and THE TRIP group cycle classes. These programs are enjoyed by thousands of group fitness fans every week in clubs around the world, and for the first time they will be available on demand on the gym floor.

Riders will be able to choose from a constantly refreshed catalogue of Les Mills’ world-leading virtual cycle programs, as well as to track and review their personal metrics over time via their preferred fitness app.

Group Fitness exercisers have been shown to stay longer, visit more, and be less likely to cancel their gym memberships*. By combining the world-leaders in group fitness with a world-class bike, Les Mills and Stages aim to bring the benefits of group fitness to the cardio floor with a unique category-leading virtual cycling experience.

For clubs the benefits are clear:

  • Compelling and more engaging alternative to standard stationary bikes, resulting in greater usage, and improved member retention.
  • A way to bring the known engagement and retention strengths of group fitness to the general gym environment.
  • Great introduction to group fitness cycle classes for new members, boosting group fitness attendance.
  • Flexibility for members by offering a group cycle alternative outside of scheduled class times.

With equipment purchasing decisions overwhelmingly based on member retention, the LES MILLS VIRTUAL BIKE offers a multi-dimensional solution—optimizing cardio floor space, taking the power of group fitness beyond the studio, and cost effectively adding a competitive boutique element to clubs.

“The integrated bike and programming offered under the LES MILLS VIRTUAL BIKE brand is a cutting-edge evolution in fitness equipment,” says Les Mills Managing Director Phillip Mills. “It offers the flexibility, engagement and motivation that will genuinely appeal to members and keep them coming back. It’s incredible fun, too.”

The LES MILLS VIRTUAL BIKE is planned for release in the U.S. and U.K. in October 2018, with other markets to follow. For more information, contact your local team.

*Group fitness exercisers are 26% less likely to cancel than gym-only members. 2013-14, What Impact Does Group Exercise Have on Retention, Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon and The Retention People (TRP)

45% of gym attendees who participate in group fitness visit their gym 5+ times per week vs only 34% for all gym attendees. Nielsen: LES MILLS Global Consumer Fitness Survey (2013)2013

94% of Les Mills group fitness attendees are likely to recommend their gym (vs. 76% of gym only members Nielsen: LES MILLS Global Consumer Fitness Survey (2013)