INDIANAPOLIS, IN—August 25, 2021—Upper Hand, a leading provider of sports and fitness management software, today announced the launch of Membership Analytics by Upper Hand, the industry’s first reporting feature to provide accessible analytical insights from membership data. This all-new reporting platform within Upper Hand allows sports and fitness business owners to understand specific factors that contribute to changes in recurring revenue.

With accurate forecasts that project recurring revenue months in advance, Membership Analytics empowers data-backed decision-making that help businesses hit and exceed sales and retention goals.

“Our Membership Analytics dashboard gives our customers the ability to check the pulse of their business in seconds,” said Meg Loney, Product Manager at Upper Hand. “Membership Analytics gives business owners detailed insights that can help bring churned customers back, support important decisions like business expansion, and more. I am confident that this tool will help drive our customers’ business up and to the right.”

Membership Analytics by Upper Hand allows users to visualize revenue forecasts so they can see and plan for the future with an interactive graph that gives a full history of recurring revenue as well as a forecast of recurring revenue to come. Additionally, Membership Analytics allows business owners to gain deeper member insights by allowing users to drill down into key metrics such as new or churned members over specific time periods as well as the health of various membership offerings.

Not only does Membership Analytics go beyond just displaying raw data, but it also informs better decision-making that leads to growth. Membership offerings can be compared over time, allowing users to determine which offerings should be optimized or consolidated. Lists of new, suspended, and churned members can be easily exported to create contact groups for use in retargeting campaigns or business strategy.

“Running your sports or fitness business has never been easy, and given the volatile environment that we've all been forced to operate in, things have never been more difficult,” said Myles Grote, Chief Product Officer at Upper Hand. “With such unpredictability, having a blindfold over your eyes in terms of your future recurring membership revenue is just not an option. Leveraging decades of experience in operating recurring revenue businesses, we've developed our industry's first ever membership analytics report that empowers our customers to accurately forecast revenue, gain deeper business insights, and allow them to make better business decisions.”

By building forward-thinking solutions like Membership Analytics, Upper Hand will continue supporting their customers by making business easier, so they can keep improving the physical and mental wellbeing in their communities.

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