CHICAGO, IL—November 24, 2020—Fitness professionals from around the world came together with LES MILLS, POUND, and PILOXING for a day of education, meaningful discussions, and moving together toward racial justice.

The TOGETHER WE RISE virtual event was hosted October 28 by LES MILLS, POUND, and PILOXING, the three group fitness brands that have formed the Group X Alliance, uniting for change. The Alliance is a joint effort to effect change in the fitness industry for racial justice, equity, and representation globally.

Along with workouts from each of the three Group X powerhouses throughout the day, attendees learned across important topics such as Equity in Fitness, Anti-Racism Tools for Leaders, Educators and Entrepreneurs, and The Black Fitness Experience. The event closed with an inspiring panel of industry organization representatives sharing what Allyship means to them and their commitments to driving change.

Key takeaways from the day:

  • [On equity in fitness] “Equality is not the same as equity. Equity acknowledges that people of color or marginalized groups are not starting at the same spot,” said Dynasti Hunt, Founder, Equity in Fitness.
  • [On anti-racism in the workplace] “Growing up biracial, I didn’t see a lot of people who looked like me...I wanted to create inclusive and fair spaces for people of color,” said Kellie Wagner, Founder, Collective DEI Lab.
  • [On allyship] “It’s not just that they have a seat at the table, but they have an equal voice,” added Dynasti Hunt.

As the panels came to a close, it was Ariel Belgrave who summarized the heart and purpose of the day, urging attendees to amplify the voices of Black and people of color.

"Change requires far more than a black square on your Instagram feed or a DEI statement on your company's website. It requires listening and learning -- discomfort and meaningful discussions. Together We Rise created a safe space for all of these things to happen. It was an honor to speak about my experience as a Black fitness professional and share tactical tips for attendees to take action,” said Ariel Belgrave, Founder of Gym Hooky and Under Armour athlete.

TOGETHER WE RISE also brought together a powerhouse collective of brands and individuals, including WIFA, IDEA, Club Industry, Struct Club, Dynasti Hunt, Kellie Wagner, Ariel Belgrave, Percell Dugger, Katrina Pilkington and more. And, Therabody supported the event with a special giveaway of their (PRODUCT)RED percussive therapy device to one lucky winner. With over 150 attendees, the event raised more than $2,000 in donations for Fit For Us and Pretty Girls Sweat.

These organizations, along with the Group X United Alliance, look forward to continuing the momentum started from this event in the future. To join the collective movement and stay to date with what’s next, visit and fill out the Join Us form.


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