January 28, 2020—Shine X is the first bootcamp-inspired HIIT studio in the country of Brunei and groundbreaking addition to the fitness scene in southeast Asia.

The studio’s owners, Her Royal Highness Princess Azemah Bolkiah and Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Muda Bahar, had visited many HIIT studios while competing in international polo matches, and they wanted to bring the concept to their own nation where citizens could train their bodies, focus their minds, and refresh their spirits.

Shine X was born in 2019 when Azemah and Bahar engaged the services of Barbara Chancey Design Group, an international boutique fitness firm in Dallas, Texas for the turnkey project. With over 200 successful studios across the globe, Chancey’s team of experts orchestrated the branding, architecture, equipment, shipping, and training to foster a sense of community and lock in loyalty.

FITBENCH was selected because it’s extremely durable, superior in quality, lightweight, easy to export, and requires little to no assembly. It was also selected because instructors are the heart and soul of every successful boutique, and Chancey used her network of independent studios to secure talented, FITBENCH experts for three weeks of intense training before grand opening.

The combination of dramatic architecture, captivating classes, and endless opportunities for creativity was harnessed to spark curiosity, prevent boredom, and keep clients coming back for more.

Q&A with Owners, Azemah and Bahar

What do your instructors like most about your FITBENCHs and the accessories included?

The well-organized bench eliminates confusion when moving quickly in a semi-dark room, and inhibition is replaced by confidence. FITBENCH offers unlimited ways to shake up your sweat routine, and instructors appreciate the freedom to offer fresh workouts every day of the week.

With heart-pumping music, mesmerizing illumination, and the choice to combine cardio, strength and mobility exercises, Shine X instructors get a rush of dopamine long before class begins. Their positivity creates a ripple effect that brings joy the moment you enter the doors. #ADDICTEDTOHAPPY.

The option to customize benches with our logo was especially appealing, and every photo/social media post reflects the unmistakable Shine brand.

What do your clients appreciate most?

Our wide range of clients are multi-generational and multi-cultural, yet they all agree the FITBENCH is exceedingly versatile, super innovative, and compacted with everything needed during a workout.

Equipment is conveniently stored for easy access, especially when keeping up with a fast paced, awe-inspiring HIIT class.

How have your FITBENCHs been useful in terms of space saving, ROI, etc. on the business side of SHINE X?

We maximized the space to provide a sense of community and encourage human interaction. An illuminated corridor leads to well-appointed locker rooms and gathering nooks where conversation and friendships can flourish. Over 180 high-output LED fixtures were programmed to produce a series of ever-changing light shows controlled by the touch of a button with suspended X beams backlit with illumination.

Since FITBENCH eliminates the need for wall shelving and storage units, millwork and labor costs were significantly reduced. Tripping hazards were also a concern, and FITBENCH reduces accumulation of clutter and keeps the studio looking clean and organized. The simplicity allows our focus to remain on the client without distraction.

Shine X was designed for growth, and additional FITBENCHs can easily be added to accommodate special events, professional sports team training, and charity fundraisers.

How has FITBENCH added value to Shine X?

Although affordable class prices were needed in order to be inclusive and successful, we discovered the more value we provide, the less price becomes the driver. Speed and efficiency add value. Getting something more than we expected adds value. Class creativity adds value. FITBENCH delivered these values which resulted in a very successful brand that makes clients feel good about what we stand for.

Dedicated, generous, and fun-loving, Shine X believes there is a difference between having a business and having a brand. A brand is not what you do or sell – it’s the memory you leave with the customer long after the class is over.

We are SO incredibly grateful to have been chosen by Princess ´Azemah and Bahar as well as the Barbara Chancey Design Group to make SHINE X such a beautiful and inspiring studio. We wish them all the best and truly value such an amazing partnership.