CHICAGO, IL—March 2, 2021—To celebrate the launch of the new Les Mills co-branded Reebok Nano X1 shoe, Les Mills and Reebok have joined fitness forces to launch the exclusive Les Mills x Reebok Nano Series of workouts. Featuring LES MILLS GRIT, BODYPUMP and LES MILLS CORE, this series is available on LES MILLS On Demand.

The “Official Shoe of Fitness”

This Les Mills co-branded Reebok Nano X1 shoe offers Nano X1’s combination of comfort, stability and style. Perfected over a decade by elite athletes, this shoe provides the versatility and mobility wearers need to move freely between workouts, life and ambitions. It is the ideal shoe for tackling the hard-charging new Les Mills x Reebok Nano Series workouts.

Workouts Re-Imagined

Les Mills, the global leader in creating world-class fitness content, has partnered with Reebok to celebrate the Official Shoe of Fitness and launch three iconic workouts re-imagined. These new fan-favorite LES MILLS GRIT, BODYPUMP and LES MILLS CORE workouts bring a fresh take on HIIT, strength and core training. Backed by science, and presented by the world’s top trainer talent, you can expect motivation, satisfaction and passion. The Les Mills x Reebok Nano Series is unlike anything you’ve seen or felt before. Check out this video.

LES MILLS GRIT Nano Series with Erin, Ben and Des

This exclusive 30-minute HIIT workout is packed with classic high-intensity moves, LES MILLS GRIT staple exercises and fresh combinations to keep you on your toes. It will get your heart pumping hard, drive a faster fitness response and improve overall athletic performance.

Meet the rockstar presenters:

  • Erin Maw (New Zealand) Part dancer, part DJ, and full-on HIIT demon, Erin is a phenomenal fitness leader who brings epic energy and creativity to every workout. This HIIT superstar shapes the development LES MILLS GRIT workouts and teaches everything from BODYPUMP to BODYJAM and BODYCOMBAT.
  • Ben Main (New Zealand) Ben is motivational beyond measure. He is a sports-loving giant who consistently brings the burn as a LES MILLS GRIT, BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP trainer.
  • Des Helu (New Zealand) No one brings the heat like Des does. This fun-loving athlete (with exceptional vocal skills) has a remarkable knack for pushing you to your limit, smiling and laughing every step of the way. Des teaches everything from LES MILLS GRIT to BODYPUMP and LES MILLS BARRE, and even inspires younger generations with BORN TO MOVE.

BODYPUMP Nano Series with Kayla and Ben

This game-changing resistance workout pumps up the combination of standard lifting and dynamic modern functional movements. It will tone, shape and strengthen while lifting your heart rate and promoting long-term fat burn. With a cool, low-key driving vibe this workout is perfect for new participants, and seasoned pros who want to mix up their regular BODYPUMP workout.

Meet the rockstar presenters:

  • Kayla Atkins-Gordine (New Zealand) Kayla fronts up with warmth, focus and support during the toughest fitness challenges. She’ll push you to your limits during HIIT, inspire you during BODYPUMP and nurture you through a restorative BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW session. She is also a talented singer and holistic health coach.
  • Ben Main (New Zealand) Ben is motivational beyond measure. He is a sports-loving giant who consistently brings the burn as a LES MILLS GRIT, BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP trainer.

LES MILLS CORE Nano Series with Tash, Corey and Antoine

Designed to stimulate and test your core strength for improved definition and sports performance, this is the ultimate scientific core workout. This exclusive release mixes up new and favorite LES MILLS CORE exercises and throws them at you multiple times within the workout. The fresh and driving beats keep you mentally and physically tuned in while you train.

Meet the rockstar presenters:

  • Natasha “Tash” Vincent (New Zealand) Tash is part Kiwi and part Japanese, and she dominates every workout with fierce fitness prowess. She is a BODYCOMBAT and LES MILLS GRIT presenter and also leads the new LES MILLS CEREMONY and LES MILLS CONQUER workouts.
  • Corey Baird (New Zealand) Corey is a sought-after personal trainer who has helped shape and present LES MILLS workouts for many years. He is a regular LES MILLS CORE and BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW presenter and also Pilates expert.
  • Antoine Sagne (Senegal) Antoine brings invigorating intensity to every workout. Whether it’s BODYCOMBAT, LES MILLS GRIT, LES MILLS CORE or the innovative new LES MILLS CONQUER, you can expect power and challenge every time.

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About Les Mills

  • Les Mills is the global leader in group fitness, with 20 programs currently available in participating gyms and fitness facilities worldwide. LES MILLS programs include the world’s first group exercise resistance training workout BODYPUMP™, BODYCOMBAT™ (martial arts), RPM™ (indoor cycling), LES MILLS GRIT™ (30-minute high-intensity interval training) and the revolutionary immersive cycle experience, THE TRIP™. Each workout is refreshed and updated with new choreography and music every three months.
  • Founded in New Zealand in 1968 by four-time Olympian Les Mills, the company has grown over the past 52 years to become the world-leader group fitness. Les Mills workouts are delivered by 140,000 certified instructors in 20,000 clubs across 100 countries and are available as live, virtual and immersive classes, as well as via the LES MILLS™ On Demand streaming platform.

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