BOSTON, MA—July, 2021—NOUFLEX LLC announced its new membership to IHRSA as part of its efforts to partner with health clubs and studios. Partnerships will help fitness businesses maintain and increase clientele by providing gym members with custom workout options.

The at-home fitness industry has recently soared and this trend may continue, putting traditional health clubs at risk. The NouFlex Training System allows for effective workouts with its affordable and compact baseboard, resistance bands, and accessories. NouFlex partnerships with health clubs will enable club trainers to offer NouFlex training and classes. This gives gym members the opportunity to workout in a unique, effective, and customizable way on high-quality equipment in an individual or group setting.

At NouFlex, we understand the importance of maximizing workouts, making optimal use of space, and differentiating yourself in an ultra competitive marketplace. These partnerships increase the value of health clubs’ services, while being more economical than certifications and fees associated with Zumba, Pilates, and similar brands. We offer our NouFlex Training System for commercial solutions which give you an exclusive leg-up from other fitness gyms and studios.

NouFlex has already established successful partnerships with companies such as LongFellow Health Clubs. After purchasing the NouFlex Training System, gyms will be required to have their participating trainers attend one of NouFlex’s complimentary certification workshops and must pass an exam in order to train using NouFlex equipment. The NouFlex certification counts for 1.6 NASM CEUs and 16 NETA CEUs, giving trainers the added benefit of simultaneously working toward NASM or NETA recertification. Upon trainer certification, health clubs will be able to use NouFlex in a variety of advantageous ways, such as group classes, one-on-one training, and virtual training.

“As the fitness industry is evolving, doing business as usual is no longer the standard,” says NouFlex creator and CEO, Anel Bellevue. “That’s why we’ve created a product that helps you stand out among your competition.”

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About NouFlex

NOUFLEX LLC is a Boston-based fitness company whose mission is to bring the fun, style and benefits of a boutique gym experience into your home without breaking the bank. Developed by founder and CEO Anel Bellevue, a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist with a B.S. in Exercise Kinesiology, NouFlex is the result of his years of personal training experience, scientific knowledge and passion to help fitness enthusiasts do more with less.

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