TAIPEI, TAIWAN—January 5, 2023—Spirit Commercial Fitness, a sub-brand of Dyaco International Inc., has issued a new series of Selectorized Duals combining two exercises into one machine, allowing the users to get in twice the work, in half the space. This new series is ideal for vertical market facilities or any place where space is limited. A full-body workout can be achieved using half the normal number of machines found in full-size gyms.

For fitness center owners or managers who want to add more equipment but lack the room to do so, Spirit Commercial Fitness’s new Selectorized Duals SP-46 Series offer the perfect solution.

“Our Selectorized Duals are a direct result of listening to our customers,” said Jeff Mo, director of global marketing at Spirit Commercial Fitness. “We were getting feedback, especially in markets where real estate comes at a premium, there is a need for fitness equipment that could fit into a more condensed area. We brought that need to our design team, and they were able to come up with a series of design that incorporates two exercises into one machine. When you combine our design team’s work with our world-class manufacturing process, you get Selectorized Duals—a new series we’re very proud of.”

The machines don’t only provide value to the fitness center. They also benefit the club member by combining exercises that are complementary to the muscle groups of the human body. These can be similar pushing or pulling exercises but at different angles, or even opposing muscle groups.

“The magic of Selectorized Duals is that they can actually help members to increase the quality of the workout they’re getting by adding to the diversity of the movements their performing,” Jeff said. “Each machine is designed for two different exercises that complement each other, which means they promote healthier workout sessions.”

Selectorized Duals also provide an added convenience factor, by allowing members to spend less time searching for and waiting on the next machine they need for their workout program. Adding to their convenience are other creature comforts found on all of Spirit’s top-of-the line commercial fitness equipment, this series consists of five new products that are each designed with integrated rep counters, built-in storage, premium padding, colored adjustment knobs, and heavy-duty construction.

“Overall, we’re extremely pleased with what we ended up with in Selectorized Duals,” Jeff said. “Spirit Commercial has to a commitment to excellence for everyone we serve. We love pleasing our customers and their members.”

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