SYDNEY, Australia—May 27, 2019—The Fitness Business Podcast has just reached a new milestone one week before its fourth birthday: 400,000 downloads and 235 weekly episodes, making it the longest running podcast in the fitness business category.

“When we launched the show in 2015, the use of podcasts as an educational medium was still in its infancy. Over the course of the past 4 years, we have been relentless in our pursuit to provide quality information to our listeners week in week out. This consistency has enabled us to grow to 400,000 downloads whilst also driving awareness of the podcast medium amongst the global fitness industry,” announced the host, Chantal Brodrick.

The production of general podcasts grew in 2018 with Apple confirming over 550,000 podcasts were live in June 2018 which increased to 630,000 by the end of 2018. The trend is expected to continue to in 2019. However, despite this increase in volume, the reality is, the average lifespan of podcasts is short.

According to Dan Misener from Pacific Content, his study of Castbox, a podcast directory, revealed the median number of shows was 14. For the Fitness Business Podcast to have produced 235 shows over 4 years is an indication of the quality of content.

Over the 4 years, the podcast has interviewed a who’s who of guests. Some of the world’s best-selling authors; industry consultants; key note speakers; CEOs of brands; and also, owners and managers who work in clubs every day.

“Some of our most downloaded shows are the episodes that feature a guest from within a club. We recently interviewed a US Anytime Fitness Club Manager and an Australian manager of a council facility and the episode was downloaded 1,000 times in the first 48 hours,” said Chantal.

Owner and creator of The Fitness Business Podcast, Justin Tamsett said, “There is no doubt the success of our show is based on the quality of education our guests share. We have deliberately not made our show an advertorial. My mission is to get more people moving and more often to reduce the health care costs across the globe. Therefore, our content is designed to help fitness business owners achieve that goal.”

“The show is designed strategically so the listeners receive foundation knowledge on a topic in the first 18 minutes. The final 3 to 5 minutes is where we help the listener turn ideas into actions. This is the most unique component of our podcast,” said Chantal.

“We are committed to delivering a quality 30-minute show every week that is full of actionable tips to improve business. We are excited and proud of what we deliver and based on 400,000 downloads, I like to think our listeners are excited too,” said Chantal.

The Fitness Business Podcast

Launched in May 2015, The Fitness Business Podcast has produced 235 weekly shows, resulting in over 400,000 downloads to date. The show features industry experts, best-selling authors and club managers, including Todd Durkin, Bedros Keuilian, Chuck Runyon, Randy Hetrick, Jeb Blount, Rick Caro, Casey Conrad, Jim Worthington, Thomas Plummer and many more. The weekly Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes or on the Fitness Business Podcast website. For more details about the world’s first and premier Fitness Business Podcast, contact Chantal Brodrick on +61 2 9484 5501 or email

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