May 11, 2020—It’s time to go back to the old wellness habits! Many club have continued to regularly coach their members at home remotely, thanks to Mywellness app, so many people have been able to exercise even during lock-down while many others are waiting for their favourite fitness club to re-open. As the situation around the world is improving, fitness clubs will gradually open in different countries and will be able to answer to the strong people’s fitness demand, after weeks of forced inactivity.

Meanwhile on May 16th…don’t miss Technogym’s Let’s Move for a Better World Day!

This is a global virtual event that will gather the entire fitness community from over 100 countries in a day fully dedicated to exercise. The event is going to bring together thousands of people around the world, committed to stay motivated and active during this period... at home, outdoors, at the gym. Wherever they are!

Let's Move for a Better World has always been a unique opportunity to increase customer loyalty, motivation and attendance, thanks to the engaging aspect of the initiative. By focusing on the community around each facility, the social campaign helps creating a strong team spirit by encouraging the achievement of a common goal, today more than ever.

Also this time, the Let’s Move for a Better World Day will represent a great opportunity for fitness clubs all over the world to gather, remotely, their community, connect with them and motivate them in an all-day-round training event, while waiting for the re-opening.

Technogym will stream on its social media live workout led by international master trainers while fitness clubs from all over the world will involve their local communities by connecting with their members and developing live events with their trainers. Each club will develop special workouts and all the people can find them on facilities’ social media, website and custom Mywellness app. Follow the #LetsMoveForaBetterWorld and join the movement!

Technogym Official Channel

Train together with the whole community; join the 2 global appointment of the day: Live Trainings on Technogym IG account and exercise with people from all around the world.

How to Join the Virtual Campaign

Through the MyWellness Cloud platform, the first cloud platform in the industry, every club can promote the campaign to all their members and keep fighting obesity and sedentary lifestyle, even during this period of mental and physical isolation.

  1. Add the tile Let’s Move Day on Mywellness app and make some special workouts available to the clients
  2. Create your own special workouts and share them on your social channels
  3. If you can, organize a great event in your facility and spread your positive energy in this difficult time
  4. Enjoy the live trainings with Technogym all together and boost the global community
  5. Discover more and download the marketing kit here

Alongside its important social message, the “Let's Move for a Better World” campaign also represents a very effective tool for fitness centres to increase their business. Thanks to its online communication strategy, both on the web and social media, the campaign has proven to attract new members also through participants sharing their training viral experiences online.

The “Let's Move for a Better World” campaign sums up Technogym's ultimate mission of spreading Wellness on a global scale. Today more than ever, people are aware of the importance of a wellness lifestyle, and Technogym believes that educating the younger generations is essential to reach this goal and to create a more sustainable society that has well-being as one of its founding values.