CLEARWATER, FL—August 5, 2019—Celebrating 30 years of innovation, HydroMassage announces the introduction of the all-new Lounge 440X, designed with a focus on recovery and wellness.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to introduce this new product to mark our company’s 30th year,” commented Paul Lunter, HydroMassage Founder / CEO.

“Every aspect of the new Lounge model, from the massage performance to service & maintenance, has been engineered based upon years of research and customer feedback.”

“The result is the most technologically-advanced product we’ve ever manufactured.”

Starting with the massage experience, users will enjoy a smoother, more-focused massage, a more ergonomically-designed seating position, and an extra 7” of massage area.

Other key highlights of the new Lounge include:

  • Smart Innovation. Real-time monitoring with proactive maintenance alerts sent to HydroMassage Technical Support department
  • Premium Exterior. New style featuring a more contemporary, high-end design custom LED lighting
  • Less Maintenance. Proprietary design allows the new Lounge to operate without adding water quarterly
  • Usage Analytics. New Touchscreen reporting platform with advanced user reporting

Extensive life-testing testing during the R&D phase has positioned the new Lounge well for high demand. More than 1 million cycles were performed with a 300-lb test dummy, simulating more than 68 years of usage with no loss of structural integrity.

The all-new HydroMassage 440X Lounge is officially now available. For more information, visit HydroMassage's website or call 727-536-5566.

About HydroMassage

For more than 30 years, HydroMassage Beds and Lounges have been utilized in health clubs, chiropractic offices, and spas / salons worldwide to provide the benefits of massage without the time or expense required for traditional hands-on massage therapy.

Available in both the traditional lie-down Bed models and the newer Lounge models, HydroMassage is as a great way to relax, recover, and rejuvenate. Fitness club members looking to close their eyes and totally disconnect for 10-minutes often prefer the HydroMassage Bed models, while those in need of a quick massage while checking e-mails on their phone enjoy the convenience of the HydroMassage Lounge.

Media Contacts: Hilary Wahlbeck, Marketing Manager at HydroMassage, 727-536-5566,