LAKE FOREST, IL, & RENO, NV—January 27, 2022—HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, and a leading provider of comprehensive fitness solutions, and BeaverFit, a leading manufacturer of outdoor and open-air fitness solutions, are collaborating on the first open-air fitness solution for organizational leaders looking to take fitness outdoors.

In this open-air fitness solution, BeaverFit will design and build standalone, state-of-the-art, open-air fitness facilities for corporations, and HealthFitness and its team of talented professionals will deliver diverse and engaging programming, account management, and marketing promotion.

“As we come out of the pandemic, creating ways to engage more people in more ways in fitness and wellbeing—and helping them feel they belong and are cared for—has never been more critical,” said HealthFitness President Sean McManamy. “HealthFitness is nationally recognized for our skilled, passionate wellness and fitness professionals. We are excited to bring additional value to our customers by integrating the strength of our people with the open-air fitness facilities from BeaverFit to provide a complete open-air fitness solution for our customers.”

“This collaboration with BeaverFit further expands our ability to drive participation and keep people engaged over the long term,” said Trustmark CEO Kevin Slawin. “From virtual to traditional on-site fitness centers to now open-air facilities, we can provide even more options to keep wellness programming fresh, challenging, and rewarding for participants.”

For more than 45 years, HealthFitness has been dedicated to improving the health and well-being of more than 1 million participants, connecting with and supporting them on their personal health journey, while building a community of health. With a 99% client satisfaction rating and an average client tenure of 14 years, HealthFitness and its nationwide team of more than 2,700 professionals believe in the power of health and fitness and in creating opportunities for others to believe as well.

BeaverFit is the leading manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and state-of-the-art open-air fitness facilities, with more than 5,000 outdoor gyms created around the world. This 100% veteran owned company is also the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military, while continuing to innovate and expand mobile and outdoor training facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and home consumers.

“We’re excited to help organizations get more of their people moving outdoors,” said Alex Roodhouse, co-founder, BeaverFit, North America. “Creating products and environments that allow people to train outside has been the cornerstone of our company since day one. This collaboration allows BeaverFit to pair our innovative open-air solutions with the leading and proven engagement and fitness programs from HealthFitness, creating a truly unique experience for organizations looking to evolve their employee fitness offerings. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the commercial fitness space in the last year as gyms and facilities look to create dedicated outdoor fitness spaces to meet their members’ interests in training outside, and we’re excited to work with HealthFitness to bring this innovative solution to organizations looking to create unique fitness experiences for their team members.”

“Now more than ever, organizational leaders are seeing how critical the health of their people is to the health of their organization,” said McManamy. “The goal of open-air fitness solutions is to offer an engaging program that gets people moving, contributes to their health, and helps keep participants safe and productive. If switching to, or adding, an open-air fitness solution helps organizational leaders accomplish these goals, it’s a win-win solution for all.”

About HealthFitness

HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, builds and manages comprehensive fitness solutions for leading companies and organizations. With a holistic approach that extends beyond fitness, HealthFitness is a proven leader in engaging and connecting people both on-site and online, to create a strong community of health. Parent organization Trustmark, through its subsidiaries and operating divisions, provides a full spectrum of employee benefits to protect and improve individuals’ health and overall well-being. For more information on HealthFitness, visit To learn about Trustmark, visit

About BeaverFit

BeaverFit is the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and training solutions. Creator of the world’s first fully functional containerized gym solution in 2012, BeaverFit is the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military. Today, BeaverFit continues to innovate and expand mobile and outdoor fitness equipment and facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and home consumers. For more information, visit