SAN DIEGO, CA—January 19, 2022—To kick off the new year, American Council on Exercise and SELF are hosting a live webinar on January 19 with a panel of experts to discuss ways exercise professionals can ensure people of all sizes feel supported in the fitness industry. The panel will discuss the current state of gym spaces, the issue of weight bias and stigma, and concrete ways exercise professionals and enthusiasts can help create a more inclusive fitness environment for all.

The live webinar is open to all, with an option to earn continuing education credits for qualified professionals. The webinar will be recorded and available on the ACE website and YouTube channel. To register for the webinar, click here.

Research indicates that fitness experts can often exhibit weight bias (negative beliefs about and behaviors toward people in larger bodies), but health and exercise professionals can play an essential role in creating inclusive spaces where all bodies are welcome.

To acknowledge the problem of weight discrimination and stigma in the fitness industry and help professionals and enthusiasts learn how to be part of change, ACE and SELF have partnered with size-inclusive certified personal trainers and experts for an information-packed discussion about what it will take to make fitness more inclusive.

The free virtual live event will be hosted by ACE on its platforms and is an extension of SELF’s Future of Fitness digital issue, which explores the prevalence of weight bias in the fitness industry and honors the game-changing fitness professionals who are helping make spaces more size-inclusive.

In addition to acknowledging the prevalence of weight-related bias in the exercise industry, the session will include actionable tips for trainers, gym owners, gym clients, and other enthusiasts to help address weight bias-related issues and to better promote inclusivity in gyms, studios and workout spaces. Topics include proper terminology, tone, exercises and modifications to employ so that clients and prospective clients feel comfortable knowing trainers are properly equipped on how to approach weight bias and stigma in the fitness space.

Panel experts:

  • Tasha Edwards – movement educator, writer, certified health coach, ACE-certified group fitness instructor and founder of Hip Healthy Chick
  • Louise Green – size-inclusive trainer and educator, author of Big Fit Girl and Fitness for Everyone, and founder of the Size-Inclusive Training Academy
  • Christy Greenleaf, Ph.D. – kinesiology undergraduate program director at the University of Wisconsin, with a focus on psychosocial aspects of weight/weight bias, physical activity and body image
  • Chrissy King – certified personal trainer and founder of The Body Liberation Project
  • Leta Shy – editor in chief of SELF, moderator

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