HONG KONG—April 27, 2020—Glory Star introduces TAURI—a temperature-check-system, for more health-safety in today’s world of pandemics. The infrared temperature sensor, developed in Germany, has the capability to scan and measure a person’s body temperature within 3 seconds. To keep it more hygienic, the entire process is hands-free and touch-free! TAURI—available now.

With TAURI you’re providing more safety and protection for your employees, clients and customers from being exposed to potential illness from a fever induced individual. Suitable and a must-have for any type of business; e.g. fitness clubs, restaurants, commercial office buildings, medical buildings, venues.

Hands-free and Touch-free System provides the first layer of screening protection reduces infection risk TAURI is available in 3 different sizes (10”, 15” 21”), Android based, an all-in-one infrared temperature-check- tablet. Easy set-up and mounting options with a variety of stands, desktop and wall mounts.

TAURI alerts if a person is running a high temperature within 1 second from 3.3ft (1 meter) away. This provides the first layer of screening protection, using a hygienic non-touch infrared technology. TAURI uses an advanced algorithm for detecting and calculating heat signatures. Based on technology developed in Germany, the highly accurate sensor measures with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit). Future firmware upgrade options will include Facial Recognition with customized flagging, and reporting.

About Glory Star

Glory Star Group has deployed more than 500,000 touch screens in commercial applications globally with more than 40 years of experience, our international team consist of industrial product designers, electrical and software programmers, manufacturing capabilities and consultants to work with our customers to make an impact and change to a better world.

For more information, email sales@glorystargroup.com or visit the TAURI website.