DUBLIN, IRELAND—August 31, 2022—Glofox, one of the fastest-growing fitness operating platforms, and a recently completed acquisition by ABC Fitness Solutions, has launched a pivotal "game-changing" product designed specifically for operators to drive sales conversions, save time, and support customer retention. Amplify is Glofox’s custom-built Customer Engagement Platform that increases conversion rate and accelerates growth, driving more revenue for fitness businesses of any size, anywhere.

Amplify, at its core, is a centralized personalized automated messaging system, added onto the established Glofox platform, allowing operators to streamline communications across email, push notifications, and SMS. Operators can build personalized automated message sequences that increase lead conversion whilst also reducing dependencies on other software.

Glofox formed a pilot group of customers at the beginning of the year and a six-month study showed outstanding results. In the pilot trial using this cross-section of Glofox customers, a positive 2.5x average increase in sign-ups was seen compared with the control group.

Particular highlights include BeatBox Dublin who achieved an 11.1x increase in leads converted between January and July 2022 while using Glofox Amplify. Also, BikeRowSki Dublin, experienced an increased average lead conversion rate of 2.7x across their five locations using Glofox Amplify within the same six-month period.

“Amplify has greatly enhanced our customer experience, which has helped us convert leads and generate more revenue across all of our locations. Using Amplify versus what we’ve used in the past has saved me upwards of 4-6 hours every few days, and now I can use that time to reconnect with our community at BikeRowSki, and that’s where I feel I can make a difference to our members,” said Stuart Grehan, head of operations at BikeRowSki, Dublin.

Glofox has seen eager uptake across both smaller boutique and franchise operators, and are presently onboarding customers onto Amplify.

We understand the challenges for gym and studio operators to put their fitness business growth on autopilot. Whether an independent or a growing franchise, acquiring new customers and engaging existing ones takes both time and planning,” commented Finn Hegarty, Glofox co-founder and chief product officer. “We're excited to see the tangible business results we're achieving for our operators with a focus on the full member lifecycle, from lead conversion to member retention.”

The launch of Amplify follows the recent announcement that ABC Fitness Solutions, the leading technology and related services provider for the fitness industry, completed an acquisition of Glofox. The strategic combination significantly expands ABC’s global reach and expands its ability to serve fitness organizations of all sizes with a company that shares its values, commitment to its teams and customers, and proven track record in developing innovative solutions that allow fitness operators to thrive. The release and rollout of Amplify further showcase Glofox’s impressive roadmap of innovation in the fitness space.

About Glofox

Glofox, an ABC Fitness Solutions company, is an innovative management software solution helping visionary fitness brands build successful, growing businesses. The all-in-one platform replaces outdated and overcomplicated systems with a streamlined, easy-to-use experience for members and staff alike. Built to address the intricacies that come with managing both independent fitness businesses and large fitness franchises, the platform delivers a powerful suite of tools to drive success and empower operators globally. Founded in 2017, Glofox now serves over 80 countries and over 17 languages internationally and is continuously expanding its network to unlock opportunities for fitness businesses worldwide.