• Powered by iFit, the premiere interactive connected fitness platform
  • Tens-of-thousands of immersive and interactive, on-demand iFit global and studio workouts at the touch of a button
  • World-class iFit content completely free of charge to the operator and exerciser with the purchase of the Freemotion 22 SERIES
  • Olympic, professional athletes and world-renowned trainers to coach each session
  • Interactive equipment that auto-adjusts to match the terrain displayed on-screen and on trainer command
  • Workouts available in multiple languages

October 20, 2020—Freemotion announces the global launch of its brand-new iFit-powered 22 SERIES—a revolutionary full cardio range that provides the first truly interactive, connected fitness experience for commercial fitness facilities. By seamlessly integrating best-in-class product design and industry-leading, on-demand, digital content, users experience an immersive and personalized virtual training like never before.

Totally interactive and responsive to the user, the one-of-a-kind Freemotion 22 SERIES is set to change the way fitness operators and businesses connect in-gym and at-home fitness in the modern day.

The 22 SERIES will feature industry-leading products including the REFLEX Treadmill, Incline Trainer, and CoachBike and will be available from late 2020.

This launch comes hot on the heels of the announcement that ICON Health & Fitness (“ICON”), the world leader in innovation, design, and distribution of connected fitness equipment and software, received a $200 million growth investment led by L Catterton, the most global consumer-focused private equity firm, paving the way for Freemotion Fitness to become the leading connected fitness brand in the global commercial market. The investment further accelerates ICON’s unique growth strategy of delivering its expansive range of interactive fitness products powered by iFit, including this launch of the Freemotion 22 SERIES.

Connected fitness is not new; it’s been around for years, but the pandemic has thrown it center stage and accelerated its growth as we head toward 2021. With operators looking to invest sooner rather than later in this booming trend to give members the content-driven experiences they desire and expect, Freemotion has completely ripped up the rule book, creating something new, inspired, and completely unique. An unrivaled interactive, connected fitness experience.

According to Dan Toigo, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Freemotion Fitness, “We have put people at the heart of the development of this new 22 SERIES range of cardio equipment. Each piece has been meticulously designed and developed to deliver a fully interactive, engaging, immersive, and personalized experience like never before.”

Immersive Global and Studio Workouts

All of the content powering the 22 SERIES comes exclusively from iFit—the world’s leading, on-demand streaming fitness platform—providing users with access to an unparalleled, ever-expanding library of thousands of incredible, coach-led workouts. Available in multiple languages and filmed in breathtaking locations across the globe from Paris to Patagonia, as well as in-studio, the Freemotion 22 SERIES offers limitless training options to excite, motivate, and inspire members.

Redefining what it means to be “content-driven,” each product within the Freemotion 22 SERIES features interactive, auto-adjusting technology that controls the speed, resistance, incline, or decline in sync with the coach's command. By accurately simulating the topography of the iFit Global Workout, this leading-edge technology makes the user feel as though they are running, walking, or cycling alongside their coach; living every step or pedal stroke for a uniquely immersive and true-to-life experience. By removing the need to manually adjust the machine, this allows the user to focus on their workout and make every second count.

Users can even select world-renowned race routes, such as the 2020 Tour de France, which consists of 112 different rides that recreate the 21 stages of this year's Tour. Taking on real-life challenges keeps the user motivated and “locked-in”—helping them to build up those all-important fitness habits and achieve more than they ever thought they could.

“It’s not just connected fitness,” explains Dan. “The 22 SERIES delivers an interactive, connected fitness experience where you feel part of the workout. The equipment truly interacts with the content, so you can escape to a far-off land, running amongst the Easter Island statues with iFit Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey or cycling along the Echi River in Kyoto, Japan with iFit Trainer Ashley Poulson, and feel like you’re actually there. Users can explore the world without leaving the gym floor, living every footstep or pedal stroke with their coach. And with a near-endless selection of workouts to choose from, the Freemotion 22 SERIES is the perfect way for operators to keep members coming back for more.”

Hyper-personalization at the Push of a Button

An unprecedented number of filter options further enhance the user experience by providing them with the unique ability to select workouts by duration, coach, category, intensity, target area, continent, and location. A level of hyper-personalization only found with the 22 SERIES which allows users to freely access and enjoy workouts that are perfectly suited to their fitness levels, personalities, preferences, and goals.

Go Further with Google Maps

Another stand-out feature of the Freemotion 22 SERIES that boosts interactivity is the ability for exercisers to map their own routes—or select prestigious race routes—using Google Maps. The equipment automatically adjusts to match the on-screen terrain. So, if the user wants to take a trip down memory lane and run around the area they grew up in, or explore a part of the world they’ve been desperate to visit, Google Maps makes the world their workout zone. From a trainer’s perspective, they can use the Google Maps feature to set exciting, demanding, or goal-specific challenges, for example, running the London Marathon route or recreating the Milan-San Remo—which could be a facility-wide event!

Connecting the Dots Between Home and Gym

With this trailblazing cardio line, a facility is able to provide immersive, content-driven experiences that delight and motivate members while staying “connected” outside the gym through the members’ iFit-enabled home fitness equipment. This creates a consistency that helps members to develop healthy fitness habits and better results, leading to an increase in retention and lifetime value.

World-class Content That’s Free for Operators

What makes the Freemotion 22 SERIES a true opportunity and game-changer for the sector is that all the content is completely free of charge to the operator and the users. There are no upfront costs or ongoing subscription fees associated with the new interactive 22 SERIES from Freemotion. With fresh content constantly being added, your investment just keeps on growing in value, delivering more and more to users.

Toigo continued, “When developing the 22 SERIES, no stone was left unturned to ensure we created the most immersive, interactive, results-driven workout experience available in the market. Everything about the engineering and content is geared toward enabling the user to be at one with the workout, so they can achieve more from every gym visit and develop a true passion for fitness, in turn, driving attendance, engagement, and retention.”

A Unique Blend of Interactive Personal Training

It’s not just the beautifully shot footage that makes the Freemotion 22 SERIES such a groundbreaking cardio line; the diverse and comprehensive selection of more than 100 world-renowned trainers, professional and Olympic athletes, are second to none and take the workouts to another dimension. By combining top-quality, face-to-face instruction and motivation with captivating storytelling—sharing insightful information about the location and its history, talking to locals along the route, and providing glimpses into their lives that mimic those true-to-life interactions—the user is drawn in by their coach’s personality.

“These superstar iFit coaches offer way more than just workouts, and really do bring the sessions to life,” says Dan. “Because of this unique style of interactive personal training, soon, you feel like you know these people, and because workouts on the Freemotion 22 SERIES are progressive, the beauty is, you grow together—developing a deeper sense of connection along that shared journey. From an operator’s perspective, this drives attendance, engagement, and retention because users can’t wait to get back on the equipment and continue their rewarding journeys with their favorite iFit coaches.”

Personal Trainers (PTs) can also benefit from harnessing the coach-led power of the 22 SERIES. By directing a client to a specific workout—or workout series—aligned to the individual’s program and goals, PTs can keep them on track and heading toward their desired results, while also empowering them with the confidence to exercise between sessions.

“The industry is becoming more technology-driven by the second; it’s not a matter of when we embrace it—but how,” says Dan. “We truly believe that by focusing the interactive connected fitness experience—delivered through the 22 SERIES—operators are placing themselves in prime position to meet the challenges of the new fitness age and capitalize on the opportunities, setting themselves up for long-term success.”

To learn more about the 22 SERIES and discover how it can reinvent your cardio floor for the new fitness age, visit the Freemotion Fitness website.

About Freemotion Fitness

For more than 20 years, Freemotion Fitness has been the global pioneer in fitness equipment and technology, introducing the world to cable-based strength training, the Incline Trainer, the first road simulating indoor bike and is now leading the way in connected fitness. With science and innovation at its core, Freemotion questions how we work out and then redefines it - creating products that deliver an unbeatable user experience and ultimately drive commercial results for its partners. For more information, visit: freemotionfitness.com

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ICON Health & Fitness is a global fitness leader and the parent company of iFit, NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion, and more. Based in Logan, Utah, the 42-year old company has a multi-decade heritage of innovation and quality.