PARIS—December 14, 2018—Convening senior representatives from business, the OECD, and governments, Business at OECD today held its 3rd Annual Forum on Health exploring the role digital technologies and strategic partnerships play toward the success and well-being of economies and societies. Moderated by Riz Khan, the Forum featured business contributions on the potential of data for better health, planning for new technologies, and connecting people and patients with healthier choices and lifestyles through digital opportunities.

“Improving health in the 21st century can only take place with patient and consumer engagement by optimizing prevention and disease management approaches” said Nicole Denjoy, Chair of the Business at OECD Health Committee. “Digital and health technologies are critical to achieve this goal, but we still need policies that support this transformation,” she added.

Experts also examined how partnerships can help achieve balanced dietary choices and active lifestyles. “Well-structured Public-Private initiatives show how even challenging issues can be tackled through joint actions when implementation is effective, positive changes bring mutual benefits and the targeted groups are supported with measures appropriate to their needs,” said Russel Mills, Business at OECD Secretary General.

Commenting on the role of international cooperation, OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria stated, “Greater co-operation between the private and public sectors on health issues will be critical to unlock the full power of digital innovation in this area. Partnerships, including at the international level, are essential to connect the brightest minds and to promote research on complex health issues, especially where upfront R&D expenditures are vast and payoffs uncertain.”

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