NEW YORK—May 4, 2020—FlexIt, the pay as you go fitness app, last month announced a new offering that lets individuals access 1-on-1 live personal training from their favorite fitness brands, all from the comfort of their own homes. In the few weeks since its launch, FlexIt’s Virtual Personal Training has gained steam with broad user activation and new fitness club partner additions.

Today, FlexIt announces the addition of national partner, Blink Fitness, to the Virtual Personal Training platform. David Collignon, SVP of Operations at Blink Fitness says, “Bringing accessible and valuable fitness content to all is a huge point of passion at Blink, we’re excited to reach more people and expand the range of our capabilities with FlexIt.”

In the last few weeks, FlexIt has also added small group training to the program, enabling individuals to add their friends to training sessions. The result has been highly lauded by users as providing social connection during this phase of social distancing.

Virtual Personal Training with Blink is now available on the FlexIt platform, anywhere, any time. Blink’s world-class, accessible “Training for everybody” approach has been successful in bringing quality personal training to its users at affordable rates.

FlexIt is looking forward to continuing to grow its offering with new additions over the coming weeks. In early May, FlexIt plans to launch a purpose-built mobile app with integrated video chat, making the Virtual Personal Training process as seamless as possible.

CEO and Founder Austin Cohen has said that “we see a huge opportunity in the virtual PT space. We believe our relationships with users and fitness clubs affords us a unique opportunity to offer value to both groups. We have heard from personal trainers who are appreciative that we have enabled them to go back to filling their unused time, bringing in revenue and helping their clients to stay fit.”

FlexIt’s platform enables fitness clubs to reach new users, and to keep its existing members engaged, especially in the face of the challenges of COVID-19.

About FlexIt

FlexIt Inc. is the mobile app that quickly and seamlessly enables users to access a wide network of fitness clubs around the U.S., paying only for the amount of time that they are at the facility. With over 2,000 fitness clubs across the country in its network, FlexIt offers consumers the flexibility that they expect, while generating leads and enhancing profitability for fitness clubs. FlexIt provides club access to users while simultaneously generating qualified leads for clubs. FlexIt is available for download on iOS and Android in their respective app stores. FlexIt’s offering also includes additional product lines, such as FlexIt Extended Reality (augmented and virtual reality services), FlexIt Training (personal training at fitness clubs) and FlexIt Virtual Personal Training (live, in-home virtual personal training). For more information, please visit the FlexIt website.

About Blink Fitness

Blink is challenging conventional fitness stereotypes through its revolutionary philosophy of Mood Above Muscle by celebrating how exercise makes you feel versus how it makes you look. Blink is the first gym to showcase body diversity and engage people who have been disenfranchised by the clichéd advertising images that feature unrealistic and unattainable bodies. Blink Fitness—a premium and affordable fitness brand—celebrates the positive feelings exercise elicits, along with the physical benefits. Blink has 140 locations open or in development throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts and Texas. Blink has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list three times, was recognized as one of the top health clubs by Club Industry and selected as the best budget chain by Men's Health.

For more information about Blink, visit the Blink Fitness website. Franchising details are available here.

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