MONTREAL, CANADA—April 9, 2021—The Fitness Industry Council of Canada - Quebec Chapter (FIC) would like to remind you that all of its members place the utmost importance on respecting health measures and government protocols within their establishments. Our clients and employees' health and safety have always been and continue to be at our approach's heart. In Quebec, Canada, and even internationally, our industry has one of the lowest spread rates of any industry.

The FIC and its members are committed to implementing effective protocols and measures beyond public health recommendations' strict framework. The strict protocols ensure this protection in place in all FIC member's facilities who have worked in conjunction with government and public health. Inspections have also taken place at several FIC member facilities, commended for their high standards.

Gyms are safe and well equipped to collaborate with public health in their tracking efforts as registration processes are rigorous and mandatory. For two months now, gyms have been open in the yellow, orange and now red zones of Quebec. Public health is working very well to control the environment: detect, contact, isolate are the watchwords. The fitness industry plays an essential role in preventive and mental health, and most health studios does everything to continue to offer safe environments.

FIC is proud to have exemplary measures in place and to remind its members and their staff of them daily. Following government guidelines, adherence to these standards by our members' positions our training facilities to meet the challenges of the new variants.

Gabriel Hardy, provincial spokesperson for the FIC and owner of Le Chalet gym, said, "The FIC's member partners are working together to implement government health measures and to ensure a safe environment for clients to practice healthy lifestyles leading to good mental and physical health. The FIC is extremely disappointed with the news that one operator chose to ignore the safety protocols that the industry has adopted. The vast majority of operators are following the strictest of guidelines which has lead to one of the lowest rates of transmission in any industry. The actions of this operator do not speak to our industry as a whole."

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