LANCASTER, Pa. – Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into high-performance products that make people’s lives better, has added four new colors to its award-winning Heritage Motivate Performance Vinyl Tile (PVT) line. These new shades—Elk Ridge, Saddleback, Golden Ridge and Sugarloaf—draw inspiration from the clean, natural beauty of beech, white oak and red oak wood finishes, offering stunning, true-to-life visuals in the surface layer. This expansion enriches the already visually striking and performance-driven flooring options, keeping pace with contemporary design trends and broadening the appeal of Heritage Motivate for a variety of spaces.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a palette of fresh colors to our popular Heritage Motivate product line to support the needs of our valued customers,” said Rich Willet, President of Ecore’s Flooring Business Unit. “By offering expanded options to meet the diverse needs of facilities everywhere, we empower our customers with even more choices, while staying true to the unparalleled quality and innovation that Ecore is known for.”

Introduced in 2022, the revolutionary Heritage Motivate product is the first of its kind in the industry, designed to be safer, quieter and more ergonomic than traditional luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products. Featuring a fiberglass reinforced 2mm vinyl surface layer bonded to a 5mm vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) base layer, the 21mil wear layer provides commercial grade durability paired with the in-demand looks of realistic wood. With natural wood variation among the planks for an authentic woodgrain look, the product is backed by a Motivate base layer to provide excellent safety and ergonomic performance.

Heritage Motivate is safer and more ergonomic than traditional LVT products with an absorption of impact energy (force reduction) of 10.6% and a useful return of impact energy (energy restitution) of 66.7%. It's ideal for a full range of interior applications, including fitness and strength and conditioning facilities, studio and group exercise spaces, therapy and rehab centers, locker rooms, transitional zones like entryways, common areas and more. Heritage Motivate is easy to install, ergonomic underfoot and simple to clean and maintain.

Ecore’s commitment to excellence and innovation in design is reflected in the numerous prestigious awards Heritage Motivate has received. In the International Interior Design Association (IIDA)/Hospitality Design (HD) Expo Product Design Awards, Heritage Motivate triumphed across eight categories, showcasing its innovation and environmental functionality in the hospitality industry. The LOOP Design Awards honored Heritage Motivate as a winner in the building and construction fixtures product design category. In the Best in Biz Awards, Heritage Motivate received a silver award for the most environmentally friendly product of the year. The FacilitiesNet Vision Awards acknowledged Heritage Motivate’s excellence in the interior furnishings and materials category, emphasizing its contribution to efficient building operations. Furthermore, Heritage Motivate secured a Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum for its cutting-edge industrial product design. It also received an honorable mention in the Sustainable Products category at the Architecture Masterprize’s Architectural Product Design Awards. Lastly, the SEAL Business Sustainability Awards honored Heritage Motivate for its significant contributions to sustainability and environmental impact.

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