PHILADELPHIA, PA—August 15, 2022—Dan Fradin, founder and CEO of Impact Wrap, is proof that a rocky start can lead to a successful business. In his prime, Fradin was competing with top mixed martial arts amateurs and seriously considering going pro. That was until he severely damaged disks in his neck and was in too much pain to continue. Rather than walking away, he switched gears and focused on what he loved most about MMA: the incredible workout. Fradin turned this obstacle into an opportunity as he began to create a knockout system to measure his heavy bag workouts in 2017.

This grit and resilience transferred into the business of Impact Wrap, the world’s leading platform for connected heavy bag fitness. Having left the hustle of New York City’s top advertising agencies, Fradin relied on his many years of experience marketing global brands and passion for technology to bring his dream to life in his Philly-based start-up. What he didn’t know, he would seek out the expertise of others.

“I’m humbled by the generosity people have shown me over the years,” said Fradin. “I want to pay it forward and pass on knowledge to those seeking help. Something as simple as understanding who your true customer is can make or break a company. I used to think it was the gym owner but quickly realized it’s not. The members may not pay us directly but if they’re not happy, the owner isn’t happy, and that rolls back to Impact Wrap. They are our true customer.”

Impact Wrap prides itself on helping studios increase their retention rates through understanding the member. Gyms are great at getting people through the door, but having them stay is tough. Boredom is one of many factors that can lead to canceled memberships. Impact Wrap helps overcome this monotony with the ability for members to track and benchmark their progress overtime in fun, customizable classes. Fradin knew data was a missing piece of hitting a bag and helping these small businesses grow.

“We’ve seen drops in attrition rates as we’ve focused more on the member experience,” Fradin said. “TITLE Boxing Club near Allentown, fell from 11% to 6% attrition in the first year, which is huge for owner Ron Alicea. He brings them in, we help keep them. And, it’s been working pretty well for the last two years.”

With over 1.5 million workouts—equivalent to 252 years of platform use—across 200 gyms, Impact Wrap has grown organically by concentrating on making the best possible experience for members, staff, and owners. As Impact Wrap looks to the future, plans for expansion include leveraging their gym partner network as content creators for home workouts so members can have both on-demand and personalized workouts from their favorite studios and instructors. They’re excited to bring heavy bag fitness into the connected space to champion the industry.

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About Impact Wrap

Impact Wrap was developed in 2017 by founder and CEO, Dan Fradin, and has quickly become the world’s leading platform for connected heavy bag fitness. Fradin brought together decades of experience from martial arts, fitness, technology, and marketing to bootstrap his Philly-based SaaS and hardware company. Impact Wrap combines on-bag sensors and cloud-based software to deliver real-time fitness metrics across any type of strike on almost any bag.

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