MoveStrong’s innovative free weight and storage product line is engineered to enhance and elevate any outdoor fitness experience with stylish, safe and functional solutions, including functional training squat racks, and lockable, patented-design dumbbell and accessory storage options.With a multilevel coating process and extensive warranty, these USA-made products are designed for long-term use in commercial gyms.

Outdoor Modular Storage Racks: Stylish, Safe, and Secure

Managing and organizing equipment is easy with MoveStrong’s new patented outdoor modular storage racks, a stylish and practical solution for storing all your fitness training accessories. These storage racks combine universal trays for smaller items dumbbells and kettlebells with vertical storage bar options for taller accessories like Globe barbells,

SledgeBells, and weight bars, ensuring everything has its place. To protect the equipment, lock-down bars for dumbbells and cable lock tabs for kettlebells help prevent theft and ensure that everything stays secure when not in use. Various sizes and a modular design allow customization for any space.

Outdoor Functional Squat Rack: Durability Meets Versatility

MoveStrong’s Outdoor Functional Squat Rack brings your Olympic bar workouts outdoors. Engineered for durability, this patent-designed rack withstands outdoor conditions year-round. It includes a pull-up bar, battle ropes, and Ground Rotational Trainer, a.k.a Landmine options, providing a comprehensive workout station for versatile functional fitness training. Whether free-standing or attached to the MoveStrong T-Rex FTS multi-station, this rack is built to last.

T-Rex FTS Squat Rack: The Pinnacle of Outdoor Functional Training

The T-Rex FTS multi-training station offers a modular Squat Rack add-on, high-quality training station that features a patent design and numerous add-ons, including battle ropes and a landmine. It seamlessly integrates free-weight areas onto your multi-fitness station ensuring a versatile and robust training environment.

Outdoor Flat Bench: A Versatile Addition to Your Outdoor Gym

Tough, durable, and built to last outdoors the MoveStrong outdoor flat bench is a staple to strength training area. Whether used with dumbbells and olympic bars or for body-weight exercises, this movable utility bench is suitable for a variety of exercises, including inclined push-ups, step-ups, sit-ups, elevated single leg squats, bench hop-overs, bench and shoulder presses. Built with durable materials and outdoor coatings, the flat bench is designed for year-round outdoor use to complete any training space.

Elevate your fitness space with MoveStrong’s innovative outdoor solutions. Designed for durability, functionality, and style, these products ensure your outdoor gym is equipped with the best. With extensive warranties and customization options, MoveStrong's equipment is built to meet the demands of any commercial outdoor fitness space.

About MoveStrong

MoveStrong is a leading provider of innovative fitness equipment designed to enhance functional strength training for indoor and outdoor areas, including functional strength training equipment, obstacle courses and specialty training accessories and tools.

We accompany all customers through the whole project with the support of budget, design, layout, construction, installation, equipment configuration, specialty surfacing, and education on the final fitness site for the most efficient use.

Mainly industrial customers for commercial gyms, outdoor fitness and obstacle courses, including recreation centers, parks, health clubs, schools, military, fire and EMT, and law enforcement.

MoveStrong Outdoor Free-weights are designed, engineered, and made in the USA.

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