CALIFORNIA—June 7, 2019—Digital lock innovators and designers Codelocks Inc., expands its digital keyless solution range with the release of its new KitLock KL10. The sleek, easy to install, mechanical lock is ideal for schools and offices where the same code is repeatedly used.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the KL10 is durable and compact offering seamless access via a four-wheel code combination. Suitable for individual use, the KL10 is perfect for a wide variety of internal applications including lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

“The KL10 is a good choice if you are looking to install new locks to protect equipment and personal belongings in the office or warehouse, and affordable if you need to upgrade large numbers of workplace or school lockers. The simple design provides the right balance of ease and convenience. It removes the hassle of carrying around keys and reduces the cost implications of replacing lost keys,” said Matt Welty, general manager at Codelocks Inc.

The KL10 can be easily retrofitted or installed on new doors, offering upmost convenience and control. In the event of forgotten codes or new users, codes can simply be changed while the lock is still on the door ensuring that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Master keys are also available to retrieve forgotten codes.

For more information on the KL10 watch the video here or visit the Codelocks website

About Codelocks Inc.

Codelocks designs and distributes a wide portfolio of innovative, standalone keyless door locks and access products for a range of growing markets. Our products include stylish push-button mechanical locks, digital electronic locks, KitLock locker locks and smart lock solutions, which are easy for users to manage and operate using a keypad, card and smartphone. Convenience is at the heart of all our products.

Innovative technology plays an increasingly important role in enabling smart lock features. For example, with NetCode you can set temporary access codes remotely through our cloud portal. Our product innovation is bringing the convenience of access control to new markets, such as short-stay rental property, leisure facilities, music studios, schools and colleges, as well as traditional office buildings.

Our products are cost-effective, easy to fit and program, suitable for new installs and retrofits. We offer full access to expert technical advice and customer support and our products are available through a number of channels including direct web sales, locksmiths, installers, major resellers and OEMs.

KitLock by Codelocks is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. Cabinets and lockers in any setting, including gyms, leisure centers, schools, hospitals, data centers and offices can be opened using a keypad code, eliminating the inconvenience of coins and keys.

KeySecure by Codelocks is a range of simple and effective key control cabinets. Coded access allows you to manage keys 24 hours a day from a single or unique access code.

We are a global business. Products are widely available for commercial and domestic use. Our North American offices and distribution is located in California. As well as a head office in the UK, we also have offices and distribution for Asia-Pacific in Sydney, Australia and a worldwide network of distributors, many of which are online.

For more information, visit the Codelocks website.