IRVINE, CA—September 20, 2018—Codelocks Inc. a leader in access control innovation, has announced the latest addition to its access control portfolio. KeySecure by Codelocks is a brand-new range of simple and effective key control cabinets that regulate access and manage keys with only authorized users, using a single or unique access code.

KeySecure by Codelocks product line offers a wide range of code options enhanced by some features that are not readily available on other key cabinets currently on the market.

“We believe that there is a gap in the market for a key box product with features and price points that KeySecure by Codelocks can fill,” said Matt Welty, General Manager at Codelocks Inc.

“We have invested a lot of time talking and listening to our customers to identify their access control needs, allowing us to provide a service that goes above and beyond. I am extremely excited for our customers to see our newest product range.”

Secure key control is an essential element to maintaining the security of buildings, vehicles and equipment. From real estate agents and car dealerships, to offices and other business facilities, key management and control is critical for many industry sectors and businesses who heavily rely on ensuring that multiple keys are kept secure and organized.

Codelocks Inc.’s KeySecure by Codelocks range is available in a variety of sizes to suit all environments. The steel squared bodied cabinets feature a robust crisscross door and with mechanical or electronic digital coded locks, provide an enhanced secure enclosure for keys, fobs and padlocks. There are a number of options to choose from; wall mounted, freestanding, self-closing slam shut and clear fronted.

KeySecure by Codelocks cabinets use fully adjustable key hooks, allowing the addition of extra hooks and changes to the configuration of the cabinet to accommodate keys and padlocks of various sizes. The numbered and color-coded adjustable hook bars prevent bunching and tangling of keys.

The range includes key control cabinets that feature peg tracking to identify the person who removes a key from the key cabinet, providing an audit and enhancing security.

You can see the product in action for the official launch of KeySecure by Codelocks at the Global Security Exchange in Las Vegas, NV, from September 23-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth 4015.

For further information regarding KeySecure by Codelocks, please visit the Codelocks website.

About Codelocks

Codelocks designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative, standalone keyless door, locker and cabinet locks for organizations that need to control access within their buildings. The product range includes stylish push-button mechanical locks, digital electronic and wireless “smart” locks that are easy to manage and can be operated using a keypad, card and smartphone. Convenience is at the heart of all of Codelocks’ products. Our user-friendly approach enables building and facilities managers to have complete control over who is entering and exiting. The locks are cost-effective, easy to fit and program, can be retrofitted and do not require complex wiring or external power. We offer full access to expert technical advice and customer support.

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