JEFFERSON VALLEY, NY—February 27, 2020—Club Fit is proud to have been selected by Westfair Media as one of their 2020 Family-Owned Business Awards honorees! President Bill Beck and Vice-President Ellen Koelsch attended the awards ceremony in White Plains on February 25th, along with Chief Marketing Officer Jenet Ferris and Chief Talent Officer Prudence Pitter.

Co-founded in 1973 by David Swope and Beth Beck, Club Fit was one of the first full-service health and fitness clubs in the region. As Beth and David continued to grow and improve the clubs, Beth’s children—Bill and Ellen—were often at their sides. Sometimes greeting members at the reception desks, or helping maintain the tennis courts, they grew up learning firsthand the ins and outs of the business, as well as Beth’s core values. Both inherited Beth’s strong work ethic and attention to detail. Bill and Ellen maintain Beth’s original values while continually looking for ways to keep improving the experience for Club Fit’s members. And who better to understand the needs of families than another busy family?

Bill and Ellen both have a passion for fitness. They enjoy active lifestyles and recognize the importance of physical activity to overall well-being. Both also have families of their own, and understand the challenges a busy lifestyle can often present for families. We all know it’s important to be active, but it can be difficult to find the time—and the motivation!

From classes for kids and adults to childcare, summer camp, and on-site cafés, Club Fit is committed to providing convenience for our members, along with encouragement and support. It’s not just about having expansive facilities stocked with the best equipment; it’s about inspiring our members. We are here to help our members reach their personal fitness goals and live healthier lives.

About Club Fit

Club Fit, established in 1973 by founding partners Beth Beck and David Swope, has been an integral part of the Westchester fitness community for over 45 years, as well as a pioneer in the full-service health and fitness industry. They offer programs and classes for all ages and fitness levels, and believe in the importance of making fitness a part of everyday life, both within the club, and in the community. Visit the Club Fit website for more info.