SAN DIEGO, CA—April 18, 2019—Inspire360 is proud to announce that The Brand X Method Youth Coach Certification is officially available through the Inspire360 platform.

Inspire360 empowers fitness and wellness companies to deliver beautifully branded online courses, certifications and subscriptions. Today, The Brand X Method joins other world-class education companies including Onnit, EXOS, BOSU, TRX, and TriggerPoint in using Inspire360 to deliver industry-leading education to their customers and health clubs.

The Brand X Method sees a better future for our youth beginning with professional youth coaching education now. This has led to the creation of the Brand X Professional Youth Coach Certification (PYCC). This online course delivers a comprehensive collection of video and written lectures covering Brand X’s history and broader context, the science driving the method, environmental components necessary for the most effective youth coaching, elements critical to sustaining optimal youth athletic development, and the straight business scoop on running a successful youth training program. The Brand X Method has revolutionized how motor patterning, strength training, physical literacy enhancement, and play are deployed in a program designed to provide all kids with the movement solutions required to overcome any movement challenges they face in life.

“Expanding on our original Basic and Advanced courses was an absolute necessity to provide an in-depth look at the principles behind The Brand X Method,” says co-founder Mikki Martin. “The Brand X Professional Youth Coach Certification gives students a chance to see the complexity of youth training with all-new material on anatomy and physiology, energy systems and contraction expression, play theory, and a biopsychosocial model of youth development.” Completion of the course opens three months of free access to the PYCC Pro, which includes 50+ movement videos, practical programming guides, and more supportive information to help coaches implement the program. “We’re excited to partner with Inspire360 as we launch our most complete course and the most comprehensive youth coach certification on the market,” says The Brand X Method COO, Matthew Hersh. “Inspire360 has provided us with a plug-and-play solution and a beautiful user interface. We look forward to working with Inspire360 to extend the reach of PYCC globally and to create additional education to expand and deepen coaches’ knowledge and skills to positively impact youth well into the future.”

Jason Davis, CEO of Inspire360, says “I’m so excited that The Brand X Method has launched its education on the Inspire360 platform. The Brand X Method education is leading the way in youth coaching education and I know that industry professionals will greatly benefit from their courses.”

About Inspire360

Inspire360 is passionate about helping fitness and wellness brands effortlessly deliver education to their audience. Originally developed under IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the company has used its 35 years of experience in the space to design a Certification Management & Learning Management System that specifically caters to the fitness and wellness industry. Its two flagship products, ClubConnect and the Inspire360 platform, are used by some of the most respected names in fitness, like Yoga Journal, TRX, BOSU, EXOS, Lifetime Fitness, and Gold's Gym. For more information, visit the Inspire260 site.